Friday, 10 October 2008

MCC Buffs unveiled!!!

I recalled this entry from BlackSword because this is what I saw from our Japanese Fansite! Yep! If you have a certain combination of characters, you will be granted an MCC Buff!

Here's data that I attempted to get and translate from the site itself (all added information is just my suggested understanding or for labeling purposes):

If we work together, there is no impossibility.

This new feature allows a special buff to be activated if you assemble your MCC team with a specific set of characters. Each MCC Buff is different and powerful as it is applied.

Town Soldier Team

Team: Reboldoeux Solider, Coimbra Trooper and Auch Trooper
Buff: Attack class (ATK Rating) +1, defense class (DEF Rating) +1

Love Triangle

Team: Gavin, Edward and Selva
Buff: Attack power (ATK) +5, attack speed +10%, defensive power (DEF) +20


MCC: Najib Sharif, Grace Bernelli and Lorch Furholden
Buff: On-target hit ratio (Accuracy?) +10%, attack speed +5%, penetration +5

Martial Artists

Team: Jean, Gracielo and Soho the Wind
Buff: HP+1000, defensive power (DEF) +5, defense class (DEF Rating) +1

Ustiur Rescue Knights

Team: Grandice, Romina and Rescue Knight
Buff: Drift speed (Movement Speed?) +10%, state abnormal resistance +10

2 Boys and a girl/Kids Team

Team: Ramiro, Tiburon and Claire
Buff: Defense class (DEF Rating) +1, HP+2000

These are the six MCC buffs that version 3.1.0 has to offer. More may be coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Granado Espada at the Globe OMG (Oi May Gimik) event: The Event

With cake, bag and jacket in hand, I entered the convention center with overwhelming anticipation. Now, I did not see any hint of a GE gathering going on here. I called up NineMoons to ask where I should go. At first, I didn't understand which trade hall to enter but when I took a peek inside the Globe OMG (Oi May Gimik!/Hey, there's a hang out!) event, there's was an e-games booth at the gaming area. I made my way into the registration booth and some familar faces greeted me there. When they noticed I had cake, GM Lowe handed a megaphone for me to shout that "I have cake for the Granado Espada Community." I finished registering and greeted my Granado Espada buddies at the stage area.

NineMoons, Blacksword, Sigrid, Welling and a lot of other familiar faces were surprised that I had brought the cake! I was like "Hey, how are you?", "Nice to see you again!" and anything else related. Since the events will start at a later time, I had the time to embark on another journey: To buy a new set of paper plates and plastic forks so we can all eat the cake! Going to the hypermarket was tiring because I had to travel on the other end of the Mall of Asia to finally reach the hypermarket and buy the two items. On the way back, I had bumped into Southersky and the Outcasts faction. We made our way back to the event and we were going to start the festivities a few minutes later.

We had the Trivia Contest to start up first because the tournament was hard to set because the connection was bad. The questions were really a mix of easy and hard, unless you really know the answer already! Anyhoo, NineMoons won herself 100 AB searches, Blacksword got a level 100 weapon of his choice and I snagged an Item of the Month code. Other prizes included Le Blanc of choice, 50 AB searches, shirts and video cards.

After that was done, some of us were trying to connect to the sGE servers but like I stated earlier, the connection was bad. It was futile for many of us to have a stable connection. Went a cosplay event was going on, we had to vacate the stage so the cosplayers can show their stuff. At that time, the community decided to eat the cake with a song to celebrate! I can say the cake was more than enough because it's a Triple Layer! A small piece was more than enough to satisfy an hungry mouth! Whiteships (the famed Feng Cosplayer), Little Nate and Josiah arrived and it all happiness and memories! A secuirty personnel noticed our gathering and told us to relocate at an area where we can eat. Some of us gathered outside the trade halls at a drink shop. There was some cake left over and NineMoons decided to bring it home instead.

When we got back, the tourney got delayed again because of the bad connection. Another event went to play: Awarding the Bloggers! It was great that I was able to see familair and new faces! Christus and Churvaneska were in the game for a good amount fo time but it's the first time I've seen them IRL! :D

A raffle was done and more people walked away with video cards, Le Blancs, Level 100 weapons, shirts and AB searches. The art contest followed and I gotta say StreyCat's work as the best! :D
When we got word that the tourneys got cancelled because of the connection, they decided to draw the prizes instead (that what I can recall, though...). To end the event, we lined up to see if we can get prizes!

Whew! I am glad we had a lot of attendees for our Anniversary Black Party! Fiksdotter suggested we get a bit to eat for dinner and he suggested a place...

Granado Espada at the Globe OMG (Oi May Gimik) event: The Journey

With my two bags and jacket, I set off the pick up the cake I ordered the day before. Took a pedicab to the Goldilocks Bakeshop where I ordered an 8x12 Triple Layer cake. It's got layers of Vanilla, Mocha and Chocolate all covered in Mocha icing with a few small round chocolate pieces on the edges. I was happy when the message I had requested was on the cake:

1st Anniversay
Happy Birhtday

Now, I needed to fulfill these agendas:
  • Get some funds.
  • Leave bag at friend's place.
  • Head to the SMX Convention Center.
And it is to all thanks to a taxi driver who accommodated me in being his "driver for the day!" After claiming the cake, that's when I called the taxi would be my companion for the next two and a half hours. From the bakeshop, I asked him to make a couple of stopovers before heading straight to the SMX Convention Center.

The first stopover was at Walter Mart located in Munoz. I needed to get a hold of an ATM machine to get the funds for the trip and anything extra just in case. After that, the second stopover was at my friend's place who has accommodated me into leaving the bag with clothes inside in his room. Let me explain why I needed to do this. I had a shift at 10:30 PM on that Saturday and going back and forth from and to my hometown of Malabon would cost me more money and time. That's when I called my friend (well, his mother, actually!) and asked permission to leave my bag and come back to prepare for work later that night. I got a "Yes" and that saved me a lot!

Continuing on, the last leg of the journey was at hand: To the SMX Convention Center!

It took a little longer than expected because the Pasay part of ESDA is usually prone to traffic. That's when I realized something: I had forgotten to get the paper plates and plastic forks from my bag with clothes! Rats! Well, they didn't cost much and I can just go to the nearby hypermarket at SM Mall of Asia since the SMX Convention Center is part of it. Arriving at the convention center was the end of the journey and I had paid and tipped my driver accordingly. The time is now for me to bring in the cake!

Granado Espada at the Globe OMG (Oi May Gimik) event: The Preparations

After my shift ended on that Saturday morning, I hurriedly left the office and took the quickest way home. I decided to take a nap when I got home. Waking up, I had lunch and prepared my clothes in a bag. I had already prepared my agenda for the weekend a few days ago. My agendas were:
  • Prepare a bag of clothes.
  • Pick up the cake.
  • Get some funds.
  • Leave bag at friend's place.
  • Head to the SMX Convention Center.
  • Leave a little early.
  • Refresh at friend's place.
  • Report for work.
  • Sleep at the office after the shift.
  • Head to Power Plant Mall.
  • Pick up bag at friend's place after stint at Power Plant Mall.
  • Head home.
Agenda number one is done and I was preparing to leave for the day. I told my family about this and looks like they didn't object. Yay! Indepedence (I guess?)! As I stepped out of the house, it's gonna be one heck of a journey...

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Grace is now 100!

Why celebrate having my Grace Bernelli at 100? Because I don't have G Points to pay for the "promotion fee"/Veteran Scroll for my Grace! But I'm really happy that another pending Veteran ready to be promoted!

Next up in my list: Male Reboldoeux Soldier (I want to get that special version of his costume!). Will also post up on what I did to celebrate my achievement on getting Grace to 100! :D

Friday, 19 September 2008

It be the International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Me be reading Miss NineMoons log and me be seeing with me eyes that the lass has celebrated the International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Here in Granado Espada, there be pirates, ships, fights and treasure hunts! Me was able to make me self a contribution for the celebration!

Feast yer eyes on my masterpieces!

Jus' helpin' to spread the words to the ears of pirates and landlubers alike to celebrate this special occasion! Now, where's me grog?!?!? Them rums ain't gonna do it!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Making Millions (for a first time!)

Okay... I loaded up on G Points because I wanted to splurge and maybe pray that I can get myself the Silver Skullic Bracer, Katana and Sakura Branch. But since I needed money to invest in Level 84 Elites, I decided to spend half of what I topped up to get a few million Vis to fund my endeavors. However, that all changed when I began to broadcast my offers...

I had received PMs from a lot of players interested in buying premium items such as Barracks Slots, Warp Slots, Veteran Scrolls, Mystery Powders and Expert Scrolls! I couldn't handle the volume of PMs and in the midst of the confusion, I told my buyers to meet at Auch when I was at Coimbra! :D

That resulted in one family getting pissed off at me and called me a scammer! Ooops... I was totally ill prepared for the event. Eventually, I was able to give my prospects the correct destination. I ended up spending up (almost) all of my G Points just to satisfy my customers! Well, at least I got some millions tucked to spend on indulgences and necessities.

Next time, prepare a lot of G Points for public selling or contact friends who want to buy premium items from me.

I do not the the market pricing and you're lucky since my starting are usually WAY BELOW the market pricing. Be a long time customer and I may get you special discounts! :D But people, I'll officially let you know when can I sell premiums! :D Plus, it's a first time to sell to a lot of people I usually sell premium items to friends!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

1 year of sGE going commerical...

And NineMoons has decided to come up with a way to celebrate it: Fireworks at Auch! I missed the lunch time (12 NN) celebrations but I was able to attend the 6PM celebrations, with me helping out light up the city with my batch of fireworks. Nothing much to say and here's a few pics and an album!

Here's the album for all the pics I have during the event!

Thanks to NineMoons for the idea and thanks for all the Filipinos who have stayed in sGE, despite the issues and concerns going on! Stay strong, Philippines!

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Getting into the trend...

Ever since I have gotten my Musketeer to Veteran, I have run out of goals to do in Granado Espada. So far, I have created a total of four Land of the Dead weapons and six Veterans. The vets I have created totally took all my attention into the game itself, even if I tried multitasking with GE. My multitasking habits range from playing other games (via Flash games or my older sister's boyfriend's PSP!) to doing the laundry. What's worse, I even tried doing three things together! :(

My friends tell me that I should get a Vet Grace Bernelli so I can be able to AFK level in some areas. There you have it, I joined the ever growing trend of getting a Grace Bernelli that can kill fast with either a shotgun or a rifle. I have seen that everyone wants the Veteran Shotgun Stance.

Leveling my Grace with Catherine and Emilia the Sage

Looks like I have another goal after this. Leveling my Reboldoeux Soldier to upgrade his costume! :D

Looks like I did not execute my joke properly!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

What I got from the Land of the Dead (again)

I did make my second trip to Tierra de los Muertos to go get myself some more weapons. I was able to make 60 runs for two weapons and this is what I got:

Complete with the owl!


Hehehehe! I actually held those Echo of Steels for a while, because I was with someone who did not want to finish the baron quest but wanted to craft such weapons. I forgot who was the family that accompanied me but that family was one of the many helpfuls in speeding up in acquiring Pure Otites. This is what I really got from Tierra de los Muertos:

Eliter Skullic Bracer and Elite Antique Pistol

I did mention in an earlier post that I had my mind set up on the Elite Skullic Bracer, which did increase my damage for my Elementalist. I decided on another pistol because I had planned (and I did!) to level up my Musketeer to Veteran to experience the Outrage Shot stance. Deciding between the two, I picked the Elite Ancient Pistol.

Looks like I'll be adding more posts with our O RLY? owl in the future! Why you ask? It's all because I'm hyped up to get this one on October!

New veteran: Samantha the Musketeer!

Inspired in getting the Outrage Shot stance, I am pleased to announce my new vet:

Samantha is now a Veteran!

Leveling characters from level 88 to 100 at the Skullic Dungeon was no easy task! I had to sacrifice sleep to make the most out of my Expert Combat Manual that gives me an additional 100% boost in level EXP. Looks like I can finally get a taste of having my Musketeer try out the Outrage Shot stance soon enough! Happy happy me!

Of course, here's a bonus pic that I took when I just slept for four hours!

So tired... Must rest... Zzzzz...

Yup. That's my leveling team, Catherine and Emilia the Sage. My ETS is actually level 100 but I didn't bother have her promoted to Veteran yet. Since she has only one Veteran Stance (which is an enhanced buffing stance), I felt it would be too early to have her promoted. So, I left to be a high level healer for the meantime.

On the next post, here's what you can expect:

Echo of Steels... O RLY?!?
Just wait for it!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Upcoming agendas for this month

Right now, I'm focusing on leveling up my Musketeer because the Outrage Shot stance looks really great and powerful for dual pistol users! I just hope I can achieve that goal by the end of the month (and the funds for it too!).

This week, I'm planning to invest on G Points for Bai Hu and a trip to the Land of the Dead/Tierra de los Muertos. What drove me for this one? I got a Mysterious Steel Piece and I'm gonna use it to get myself an Elite Skullic Bracer! :D Maybe I should also get myself another weapon... Hmmm... I've gotten a Great Sword (Nodachi), Pistol (Elite Beam Gun) and Blunt (Elite Axe di Gavi). Should I go for a Sabre, Sword, Shield, Rapier, Polearm or Dagger? The Elite Scythe looks appealing for a polearm, the Sabre di Gavi looks really great and I definitely needs daggers for Lisa Lynway...

Decisions, decisions. I'll make up my mind tomorrow when maitenance starts. Better preapre my expenses since I'll be able to top up day after payday! :D

Enjoy this video from the Blacksword family as he shows us the skills of the Outrage Shot stance!

Monday, 11 August 2008

A nifty tool to show off your level!

When I began to see pics of a forum member's family portraits and levels, I wanted one myself! Fortunately, a forum member did put the link to the "online service." I ended going to Another Lonely Soul.

With much excitement, I signed up and created an account. I happily created the portraits per barracks plus one to show my current team. It's really a nifty way to show off your family and their levels as well! You want to see mine? I'll post 'em right away (and check the bottom of my blog too!)!

Feast your eyes on my collection!

My current team is located on the upper left part of the blog, right above my twitter tool. However, this does not automatically sync with your game. Make sure you update it for any changes in levels and new members.

You should get yourself one too! Head over to Another Lonely Soul and sign up for an account! Oh yeah, DeSanggria also got into the trend as well!

Will get to work on Vicente Rio's performance because I got myself the Bach Costume! Happy leveling! You still got until this Friday for that! :D

Looking at the crystal ball of the world of GE...

It's been a while but I've been reading blogs back and forth and here's what I can chronicle on what GE's been up to for the future:

In cGE, they released an exclusive costume as a homage of this year's Summer Olympics held at Beijing. This costume is simply a sports shirt, sport pants and matching sneakers. Plus, the shirt bears the logo of this year's Summer Olympics. Here are some pics that I can snag right now (courtesy of Blacksword/Reimaru):

Follow the link to his post for more details.

With Granado Espada V3.0 slowly being implemented on the Korean servers, they released new stances that only Experts (pity me!) can get! Here's the dirt I saw from Blacksword's/Reimaru's blog and our favorite Japanese fan site:

More info? Head over to the links I set up earlier!

Now for the finale, a new challenger... Whoops! I mean... Character has arrived in GE V3.0! From the looks of it, our new character here is a male fighter and his character design might be inspired from the new Mayan/Aztec settings of V3.0. Here's what I can dig up:

Plus, he has two exclusive stances to himself! One stance with a new weapon resembling like tonfas...

Semilunar Stance

And another one that allows him to weild two blunt weapons. What the? Two blunt weapons?!? This man is a barbarian!

Combatant Stance

That's what I found so far. Looks like Granado Espada keeps getting bigger and better. Good thing I chronicled this for future references! Biggest credits go to Blacksword/Reimaru and Doratomo.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Looking forward for the updates...

Seeing Mistress Hrin's post on the update release schedule, I find myself in a jam to invest in this game. Next week, I was looking forward to getting Bai Hu, the fifth Martial Arts practitioner with the Chapter of Mind. However, seeing the post would really blow my mind (and possibly pockets) away!

14 August 2008:
Release of RNPC, Bai Hu

My say?
Yay! My collection will be complete!

21 August 2008: "Battlesmith Week"
Release of Veteran Stances:
Mighty Cruz [Combat Stance] Polearm
Low-Guard [Combat Stance] Sabre
Raid Assault [Combat Stance] Two handed dagger
Idge the Battlesmith' Idge the Battlesmith RNPC Card

My say?
Wow! The other stances are coming in! This means money (to invest! :( ) for my fighter... :P Ide the Battlesmith? I'll pass.

28 August 2008: "Soldier's Week"

Reboldoeux Soldier Costume Reboldoeux Soldier Exclusive Costume
Coimbra Trooper Costume Coimbra Trooper's Exclusive Costume
Auch Infantry Costume Auch Infantry's Exclusive Costume
RNPC Stat Upgrade Quest 1 - Reboldoeux Solider Quest for Reboldoeux Soldier's stat upgrade

My say?
I feel like indulging on my male Reboldoeux Solider! It has something to do with the costume getting an additional +1 stat. AGI perhaps?

4 September 2008: "Iron Chef - Fish & Chips Week"
(I do have my reservations about whether IMC will approve this one though. *crosses fingers*)

Panfilo the Battlecook Panfilo the Battlecook RNPC Card
Enchantment Chip Package (Lvl 84) 5 Enchantment Tranquilizer + 5 Lvl 84 Enchantment Chips
Enchantment Chip Package (Lvl 92) 5 Enchantment Tranquilizer + 5 Lvl 92 Enchantment Chips
Enchantment Chip Package (Lvl 100) 5 Enchantment Tranquilizer + 5 Lvl 100 Enchantment Chips

My say?
I'll pass.

11 September 2008: Children's Week

RNPC Stat Upgrade Quest 2 - Ramiro & Tiburon Quest for Ramiro and Tiburon's stat upgrade.
The Janzur Collection
Random Box that contains Gryphon’s Wing (Sylph) Wings + other items
Claude’s Crate
Random Box that contains Cherry Sprig (Cherry Blossom Branch), Silver Skullic Bracer and other items

My say?
Let me see what the items are and I'll think about getting those items.

I hope I don't blow too much on my pay. I've got other things to worry about! Well, at least I'm looking forward fresh stuff every week. I gotta keep my characters leveled up. Level 72 is dreadfully sloooow... (without the boosters, of course!).

Monday, 4 August 2008

The weekend was hell! (Mostly...)

Gawd! The internet was hell the recent weekend! My internet connect with IAH's servers must have weakened because of the rain. I couldn't contain my sorrows for it anymore so lemme just post this to remind myself of this dreadful event to have ever fallen me.

I was in the progress of leveling my Lisa Lynway (Miriam) and I experienced a lot of DC's and huge lags. If I lagged but stayed I got a "fast-forward situation" where I'm not sure if I survived the ordeal or not.

I kept trying and trying again, until everything was stable around 10PM GMT +8. Well, lemme just continue leveling and I am considering leveling the 72 peeps since I'm running out of level 72 armors for them to wear! :D Maybe Vet up my Grace Bernelli, perhaps? A friend advised me to! :D

As a side note, looks like the Eminence Faction owned Carracci big time! Destiny and another faction were the only ones present. Looks like a lot of factions are going against Eminence in the following weeks to come for August...

Monday, 28 July 2008

How lucky can I get?

Read about what sGE had to offer with four new boxes. I was appealed in the Japanese swords they made available: Nodachi (misspelled as Nadachi) and Katana! You can get the Nodachi from Najib's Weapons Box and the Katana from the Knight's Cache Box.

Reading the thread stated the hype and that a lot of people have tried from a few to hundreds of boxes but to no avail of getting the featured items per box. I decided to push my luck bought myself 10 of Najib's Weapon Boxes. After opening five boxes, a Nodachi is inside one of them!

Wow, my luck was really good at that time! :D I opened the rest of the boxes and I got Enchantment Chips, Eyewear Boxes, Premium Consumable and unusual consumables. Well, I hope my luck will be the same for the Knight's Cache!

In other news, Vicente's Serenade event has been extended to August 14! Well, looks like production will be delayed now. At least I got time to focus on other things! :D

Monday, 21 July 2008

Teaser Project

Just a teaser for a fan submission/dedication to the bard of the New World, Vicente Rio! :D I'll finish this by the time I get his costume and some helping hands! For now, enjoy it!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

A word from Andre Janzur

Hello, Pioneers of ze New World! I am Andre Janzur, designer extraordinaire! I have to make an anecdote of the Marvin's blog and hiz fellow bloggers as well! Here are some of my ezcapades with zem!

Marvin and NineMoons

Here I am with Marvin, ze creator of zis blog. Alongside me is ze Queen of Bloggers herself, NineMoons. I have stumbled accroz zem nearby when I arrived at Auch. Both of zem were really happy to see me, as me and Marvin share a common thing. Lady NineMoons looked gorgeous in zat armor of hers and I hope she remainz beautiful yet proud as a lady blogger!

Of course, look who I bumped into next!

The brothers Fiksdotter and Artaxerxes

I was honored to have met zese brothers, for they have created my life's story. Of course, Fiksdotter was zee one who came up with zee story, full of dreamz and fantazzies! His little brother, Artaxerxes, here is a total heartthrob! He sounds zo good, but I guess he needs to get some new clothes though... Josiah is making me remind of zat other fashion designer. What was hiz name? Oh, forget it! I am zee best zere iz in za New World!

How fortunate of me to meet zese men!

The brothers Reclusion and Behringer

I am so happy to see the man who put Fiksdotter's story into a beautiful art of my life! I amazed of ze techniques and how ze way he presented my life's story. So fantabulous my story was and I am grateful for it. Of course, hiz little brother Behringer is also trying hiz handz on such art. I am looking forward to seeing these brothers rize to ze top!

Well, I must go now. I must get back to Reboldoeux and come with more fantazzztic garments! Zank you, Marvin, for letting me put zis in your blog!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Leveling Rio is over. Now what?

Looks like I haven't gotten a goal to motivate me to play GE... Let me list down a possible set of goals I can accomplish:
  • Level up my characters using firearms so I can AFK level in peace.
  • Level up my construction workers for more power leveling options.
  • Level up my main characters to progress forward.
  • Level up the other characters to 72 at the Rion Dungeon Hollow.
I sure pretty need some advice at this point. I would to have a direction right now. What do you guys think?

What I've accomplished so far:
  • Having a Veteran Catherine.
  • Reaching Veteran for the main team.
  • Having Rio reaching Veteran for the in-game event.
That totals it to five Veteran Characters. Well, I hope I would get some feedback from you guys. Catch y'all later! :D

Vicente Rio: Musician. Enhancer. Heir.


I remembered the hint of starting the quest in order to get the Veteran Stance of Vicente Rio: Serenade. First, speak to the girl at the Orchard Street Market at H9 of Auch. Rio seems to have fallen in love with the girl, so he tries to win her heart.

Looks like Rio had the idea of purchasing an Avocado Sandwich and letting the girl share it with him. He was successful and right after that, he played an incomplete Serenade for her. He promised that he'll finish it and let his crush be the first to hear it. However, the girl kept refusing his advances because she claims her father doesn't want her to be around boys.

After those attempts, an old man named Federigo was looking for Rio. Talking to him reveals a revelation on who our Minstrel is: the son of the founder of the Leonardo Expresso service! It seems that one of the five pieces of Ferruccio's Legacy has been tracked in the New World. Otite is believed as one of the five pieces iof Ferruccio's Legacy (that's Federigo's assumption). Also, Otite Research gave birth to the Leonardo Expresso service and the Warp Portal technology. Progess had its price, as some people involved in this situation suffered side effects of being exposed to Otite.

Vicente Rio has a little brother by the name of Samuel, who succumbed to illness because of the Ottie research. One day, a handsome, young man named Montoro Viscount paid a visit. Montoro promised that he would heal Samuel but he just delayed the process. As a turn for the worse, Sir Lyndon had Leonardo arrested and Leonardo's research facility was destroyed with all the documents burned. Too bad he passed away after some time.

However, we still got the chance to take a look in this research facility. Federigo gave us a number combination that would open the facility. Rio headed over to the location where the facility was located. After using the correct code provided by Fedrigo, he was welcomed by hired Pegadilla Mercenaries. It was a gruelling fight but Rio was sided with Marvin and Sarbina. Once the lesser cronies of the group was defeated, Rio interrogated the mercenary group leader. It seems that the leader will not reveal any information as a policy of the Pegadilla Mercenary and regrets that he'll not be paid for this skirmish.

Heading back to Federigo proves the story and Rio now has a goal in the New World: to avenge his father for all the misfortunes that laid on him. The Leonardo Expresso will support in anyway possible. Federigo gave Rio the Serenade Stance Book. When Rio approached his crush, she amazed that he knows the Serenade Stance. However, Rio was not going to divulge the Serenade just to anyone. If anyone else wants to learn this ability, that person would have to approach Rio to learn it!

Leonardo Rio's research facility

Before I had to go all of this, I decided to celebrate at Bahia at the Battle Arena and guess what came out:

Level 121 Giant Spider. Like a stood a chance...

It wasn't a win, alright. I got owned by this huge monster. Well, I hope the Battle Arena would be more merciful around next time... :D

Another trip to the Master Room...

Guess what? My Vicente Rio is officially a Veteran! That means by the end of this month I'll have that free costume from qualifying from the event! :D

Marvin congratulating Rio for being a Veteran

Right after that, I had my scout learn the "Tactical Assitance" Stance for Veteran Scouts. The prequisite? Fortidudo at max.

Sabrina receiving the Tactical Assistance Book

After that, I took the liberty of learning the Serenade Veteran Stance for Rio as well. I'll get to that in the next post! :D

I guess I spent around 4,000 G Points for my Rio to level up. Looks like I was able to a little G Points for this one (and it was used for a useful purpose!). Yay! Bach Costume, here I come!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

What's this? New limits to break?

When I read about IAH's take on Garim's Nest, I was really amazed on what are the rewards you can get from defeating the boss. By reading this thread, I was surprised on what you can achieve in the months to come!

Wow! An item that adds a stat point!

First, it is possible to achieve a stat (STR, AGI, HP, INT, DEX and CHA) rating of 11. Here's what Kaioujin has to say:

The belt can only be used by Fighter, Scout or Musketeer types. And yes, the 11HP trick can be used by them as well.

Sorry if you misunderstood the article but the fighter comment was meant to be an example.

Seeing this, it means that we can go beyond the "limit" of 10 in a stat. Here's what I also found on the same discussion:

Kaioujin's Gracielo in Grand Master level

P.S. Don't need to speculate about weird stats, That's my Grand Master Gracielo on the test server

I decided to do some research on Gracielo's original stats and this is what I found:

STR: 6
AGI: 7
HP: 6
DEX: 5
INT: 3
CHA: 3

Does this mean there is a total of five additional stat points? All I know you get one from Veteran and another from Expert. I've seen some discussions on "Master" levels but looks like there's something higher than this! Looking further, here's Kaiouijin has to say:

This is not to be confused with our GMs (Game Master)
The one I'm referring to is the leveling system.
Veteran -> Expert -> Master -> High Master -> Grand Master

Whawhawha?!?!?!? Up to Grand Master?!?!? Level 150?!?!?

*calm down*

Okay... From this information I have, let me see what I can summarize:
  • I guess the limit of 10 stats intact but equipping an accessory that has stat gain will break the limit.
  • It is possible to achieve 11 in a stat as long as you reach the limit of a stat. One example would be Alejandro with his massive 9 STR. Add one on Veteran and equip him with an accessory that promises +1 STR and you get 11 STR.
  • A stat with an orange color indicates that the stat is increased with equipped accessories.
  • With what Kaioujin has to say, looks like we'll be getting a total of 5 stats points upon reaching Grand Master.
Looks like that's it for now. And I am shocked to see this. I just hope some sort of resolution will come out after maintenance!

What I have been up to lately...

Ever since Vicente Rio is available, many of us flocked to add him up in our barracks. What drove many of us to level him up is the event IAH set up. Getting a costume for free? That's a sweet deal (for me)! They adopted this event from what kGE did as well.

Before we can get to that, let me go ahead and give my thoughts of what I thought of Vicente Rio. On first impression, I was truly amazed that IMC developed yet another unique character. What got me surprised is the voice they gave him: a laidback Mexican musician. I was expecting a handsome voice to go along with the looks but I had expected wrong. At this rate, I had to think of a name that would fit him.

As what Rio can do? Well, looks like lutes aren't just his thing. He can also use Lightning stances as well. Of course, everyone who's been with me for more than a year should be familiar with the Lightning stances. For his lute stances, there's Minstrel and Serenade.

Minstrel is an offensive-type stance that has 3 offensive AOEs and 1 sleep status AOE. I was able to try this out (saved it for last!) and I'm really amazed on how this works. Now, two of the three offensive AOEs can target up to 8 enemies and the Crazy Rhapsody skill has a 33% chance of stunning the opponent. It may not be potent but it give you a chance to stop the enemy to get the higher ground. The other one is Rhythm and Blues which causes Enervation at 75%. From what I can recall, that status affects ATK Speed and Movement Speed. It also causes HP regeneration to stop as well. Silent Cradlesong targets 8 enemies but it only induces sleep status, making it harmless. This was very useful, especially with my experiences with Sandman skill from the Illusionist stance. That last skill only targets 3 enemies but the damage is higher and gives out a new status ailment: Requiem. This reduces evasion and block rate to 0, reduces ATK and attack speed to minimum, reduces all resistances by 75. This totally lets your enemies tastes the full power you've got with your weapons!

As for the Serenade stance, I'll look into it once I get the stance book. Serenade happens to be a Veteran Stance, so it'll have to wait. I gotta try it out first before I can make statements about it! :D

On the day I got Rio, I leveled him up to 3x on the first day. When I got impatient at Al Quelt Moreza, that's when I prompted to go to the Rion Dungeon Hollow. Seeing the EXP reel in so fast shocked me. But Rio got shocked as well, because he was constantly killed and I had to feed him with Resurrection Potions every now and then. I maxed out his Lightning stances because the lutes were available at level 60. By the time I got a lute, it was really exciting. At times, I would hit the Silent Cradlesong skill and it bought some time to get even with the mobs. After Rin Dungeon Hollow, I decided to invest on a FT pass and ventured in the Prison de Joaquin FT. I'm not sure if that was worth my G Points but I was able to cope in that place. Of course, I had to multi task by checking my mail, surf the web and do the laundry. I can't believe I was going through power leveling again ever since I leveled up my Catherine to Veteran.

Just a little more to go...

It's been a week already and I've gotten my Rio hit level 88 already. Just one more day and I can sit back and relax (and maybe try the Serenade Stance!). Oh, I'm looking forward to getting my prize at the end of the month as well!

Before I forget, I named him "Felipe" because I had a colleague with an English variant of that name because I recalled him doing a Mexican accent during work. Inspired from his antics, this how I got the name Felipe.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

YES!!! My Catherine's a Veteran!!!

Catherine gets recognized by a Master Wizard

Yes! I have my Catherine hit Veteran status! I am so happy for this moment!!! It took me a total of 12 hours just to complete this task (with the help of EXP Boosters, of course!). This my fourth character who has reach Veteran status. Looks like the trials and tribulations were well worth the effort in getting her in this position. Now, I'll tell you the story why I was driven to make her reach Veteran.

During the course I was leveling a lot of characters at Level 72, I was advised from DeSanggria to level my Catherine to level 100 so she can help the other low leveled ones to reach higher levels in no time. Also, a long maintenance was coming up and that drove me to reach my Catherine to level 100 before the maintenance occurred. Of course, that means traversing to maps other than the Rion Dungeon Hollow. So, I warmed up Catherine in the jungles of Ustiur and evetually ended up on the first floor of the Skullic Dungeon. Those dungeons are famed for their high respawn rate which allows fast EXP allocation. On that every day, I was also doing the laundry as well. So I sometime would encounter my family dead upon checking the progress of the laundry. I started around 10 AM on that day and I even got the EXP Booster and 2 pairs of Devil Wings. I was leveling up Alana (Catherine) and Shannon (Emilia the Sage) while they were accompanied by Sabrina (Scout).

It was a pretty hectic experience while the laundry was ongoing but I was finally alleviated of my laundry duties by 6PM. For four hours, I was able to hit the target: Catherine Level 100. I broadcasted my achievement and a few players noticed it and congratulated me. I made my way back to Auch, cleared my pockets (a bit), got a Veteran scroll and promoted Catherine to Veteran. Wow... I now have my very own Veteran Catherine! *sniff* *tears of joy rolling*

Of course, I did make my ETS reach 100 as well but I didn't bother to promote her for the meantime. Well, biggest thanks to my faction mates, DeSanggria and the people who congratulated me!

From this post, I will include something extra on certain post when I have a participant:

really fun if you ask me! :P

To start off, my dad got this neat toy from a friend from the U.S. (called a 20Q) and so far it has guessed 90% of what I have thought of. I decided to do this challnge onto RoseChavez, a fellow faction mate. I was going to relay the questions given by the toy and he just needed to answer Yes, No, Sometimes or Unknown. So here's what happened during that time:

Q1: Is it an Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, Other or Unknown?
RoseChavez: Other

Q2: Do you hold when you use it?
RoseChavez: Yes

Q3: Is it used in travel?
RoseChavez: Yes

Q4: Does it come in a box?
RoseChavez: Yes

Q5: Does it use electricity?
RoseChavez: Yes

Q6: Is it used for communication?
RoseChavez: Yes

Q7: Can you read it?
RoseChavez: Yes

Q8: Can it fit in an envelope?
RoseChavez: Yes

Q9: Can it cheer you up?
RoseChavez: Yes

Q10: Is it flexible?
RoseChavez: Yes

Q11: Does it break if dropped?
RoseChavez: Yes

Q12: Is it made from paper?
RoseChavez: No

Q13: Is it a tool?
RoseChavez: Yes

Q14: Is it flat?
RoseChavez: Yes

Q15: Can you put something into it?
RoseChavez: Yes

Q16: Is it heavier than a pound of butter?
RoseChavez: Yes

Q17: Does it weigh more than a duck?
RoseChavez: No

Q18: Is it straight?
RoseChavez: Yes

Q19: Is it comforting?
RoseChavez: Yes

Q20: Does it involve contact with other humans?
RoseChavez: Yes

The toy thinks and guesses: "Is it everything?"
RoseChavez: No

Q21: Can it bend without breaking?
RoseChavez: No

Q22: Is it usually colorful?
RoseChavez: Yes

Q23: Do you carry it in your pocket?
RoseChavez: Yes

Q24: Would you pay to use it?
RoseChavez: Yes

Q25: Is it made of metal?
RoseChavez: Sometimes

The toy makes another guess: "Is it something?"
RoseChavez: No

RoseChavez wins the challenge and he gets a prize from me! I won't tell you what it was! :P Look forward for more 20 Question Challenges in future posts! :D You might get a prize from me if you win! Also, this means I must set some rules so that the game is fair, alright? :D

The Poison Yard Experience

While grinding some of my characters to level 72, I was invited by DeSanggria for a raid at the Poison Yard. Since I had a Veteran Family at that time, I was more than happy to join the impromptu raid and geared up. We met up at the Coimbra Nimrod Bridge and we were all waiting for the gates to open. The squad also consisted of members coming from the Covenant Faction and it was nice of Blacksword and his buddies to be in the squad.

Waiting for the gate to open...

Hey! M'Boma's got the Afro!

Once the gate opens, you have only at 5 minutes to get in before the gate closes. If you die, you won't be able to go back into the Poison Yard. Make sure you've got medics in the squad and/or stock up some Soul Crystals! :D

Of course, yes! What do you think I'm here for?

I remembered that going inside this place, you will placed in a random spot. That means you'll have to communicate with each other where to meet up. Also, if you chat normally (i.e. chatting not using the faction or squad channels), your name (and everyone else's) won't appear in the chat box. However, Faction and Squad Chat Channels are spared from this predicament. Lastly, if a family is not in your squad, he is considered your enemy. Going here in a squad is useful so you can help each other, not hitting each other!

Anyhoo, back to the topic... We roamed around and all we fought were level 90 giants that kept us occupied. There were some families also getting in and the squad decided to show them who's boss. I felt kinda bad for them, because looks like these were curious onlookers.

A volcano's about to blow up!

A bunch of giants.

A narrow corridor.

We went around the map, on and on and on and on... We were waiting for the bosses to show up but it took us a really long time before anyone showed up. I was beginning to feel sleepy from waiting. When we got the map broadcast that the Chimera will appear, we were all psyched up. However, someone else made an appearance before the Chimera...

Bored and waiting...

It's Gerogero!

It's Gerogero! We ganged up on it and things went smoothly (and long). My Fighter and Scout would experience death here and there because they were in the range of the monster's skill. Thankfully, other available medics are there on scene to help out! The beast dropped items to those who deserved it and we went to the center to encounter none other than the...

The Chimera!

Woah! This thing was really hard to wear down! We had problems keeping up because this beast regenerates faster than we can hit it with! Its nasty AOE attacks sometimes wipe me out and it can happen in succession! Although we were able to keep up and drain its health, we were all ejected from the map at a certain time (I forgot when it was). Rats. Looks like we didn't have enough manpower to kill the boss. Well, it's an time well spent for an experience like this. Looks like 10 families were not enough for the job. Maybe we need more, like 20! Alright folks, catch you later for more experiences from Granado Espada!

Side note:
Blogspotted again? Hooray for me!

Want more pics? Check this out!

My family