Friday, 10 October 2008

MCC Buffs unveiled!!!

I recalled this entry from BlackSword because this is what I saw from our Japanese Fansite! Yep! If you have a certain combination of characters, you will be granted an MCC Buff!

Here's data that I attempted to get and translate from the site itself (all added information is just my suggested understanding or for labeling purposes):

If we work together, there is no impossibility.

This new feature allows a special buff to be activated if you assemble your MCC team with a specific set of characters. Each MCC Buff is different and powerful as it is applied.

Town Soldier Team

Team: Reboldoeux Solider, Coimbra Trooper and Auch Trooper
Buff: Attack class (ATK Rating) +1, defense class (DEF Rating) +1

Love Triangle

Team: Gavin, Edward and Selva
Buff: Attack power (ATK) +5, attack speed +10%, defensive power (DEF) +20


MCC: Najib Sharif, Grace Bernelli and Lorch Furholden
Buff: On-target hit ratio (Accuracy?) +10%, attack speed +5%, penetration +5

Martial Artists

Team: Jean, Gracielo and Soho the Wind
Buff: HP+1000, defensive power (DEF) +5, defense class (DEF Rating) +1

Ustiur Rescue Knights

Team: Grandice, Romina and Rescue Knight
Buff: Drift speed (Movement Speed?) +10%, state abnormal resistance +10

2 Boys and a girl/Kids Team

Team: Ramiro, Tiburon and Claire
Buff: Defense class (DEF Rating) +1, HP+2000

These are the six MCC buffs that version 3.1.0 has to offer. More may be coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

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