Thursday, 31 May 2007

Headache spells

"Gaming during long periods without any breaks in between is detrimental to your health."

My average gaming time is around 2-4 hours but looks like I'm beginning to have headaches. Well, you can blame my bad timing to play (playing late at night) and getting extra chances to play. This serves as a warning not just to me, but also to you guys as well. I know it's totally tedious to level up and earn Vis, but don't let it get to you. You might experience a worse scenario than what I've gone through: Headache spells. Man, it seems that I consumed 4 Biogesics (Paracetamol) in record for playing Granado Espada.

This also reminds me an episode of CSI: NY where a gaming trend goes to the next level. Sure, you earn points in playing a fictional online version of a GTA-esque game but you can get more if you reenact the game scenario! Talk about sick marketing! In the same episode, a man died to playing the game for 80 hours straight and his surroundings were bottles full of drinks and his urine (to save time from going to the bathroom). I even an article about the dangers if online gaming in a Reader's Digest article called "Killing Time Online."

This means everybody, that all of us have to be responsible gamers. I too want the fruits of my labor but that doesn't mean I should be a gamer 24 hours a day! :P Know your limits and spend some time with the real world, okay? :D

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

First entry!

Well, I just found some "webspace" now and here's what I'll be posting on updates for different "flash comic" series related to Granado Espada.

For my first project, here's "The search of Dr. Lorenzo Guliano" :

That's a standalone file. Online version will be available once it's fully complete. What's inside the EXE version is the first two chapters of the planned five. Hope you guys would take consideration of checking it out! It's the only way I can relieve myself of Granado Espada grinding sessions! :P

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