Thursday, 31 January 2008

Compensations, anyone?

When I found out about this announcement, I was really giddy in not only getting a free Forgotten Territory Pass but also an Ancient Territory Pass as well! At my current situation, I think I should use this on my main team so I can push them to higher levels. Oh no... Thinking about the Forgotten Territory pass reminded me of another reason to use it and now I'm torn between either:

Leveling up my main team


Hangout at the Torsche Mansion FT and gather Strange Items for Viki (and maybe for Cheyenne's weapon collection).

Well, I better make up my mind after this week's work. I gotta do better at work! :P

And now, for a pic!

So many families getting the freebies!

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Experiencing PVP at a social level

I felt so tired when I came home from work and parapara dancing but I nevertheless played G.E. When logging in, I noticed that there was a faction event. I took it in mind to attend the event at the right time. Since I felt tired, I had to AFK every now and then. Yes, I admit to this activity!

Marvin (Fighter) was able to max out his Epee Guard stance, so I switched to Sabre Guard. For Stephanie (Elementalist), I was able to learn the Blizzard skill in the Evocation Ice stance. Blizzard is like a stronger cousin of Possession Ice's Deluge. It was tricky to use because Ice Wave attacks target in a line, not within a diameter range. When the event was already done, I was invited for some PVP. Hey, why not? I've been to an actual PVP (Player-versus-player) once and why not also get along with the faction?

Waiting for the battle to start...

We started off playing at the Liberty Colosseum where victory can be achieved by either defeating all the opposing team's members or destroying the opposing team's colony. On the first round, I made a run for one of the colony beacons that grants one additional rating for both attack and defense. When I spotted the opponent, I had to make a run for it! No way could I face my opponents alone. We all converged at the center and with all the commotion going on, my team ended up victorious. On the second round, we saw no one at the opponent's colony area. I took the initiative to start breaking the colony. It was then the remaining opponent was our leader and he tried his best to beat us to shreds but I persevered in breaking the colony and lo, victory! I was commented that I was a colony breaker! :D

Colony destroyed!

On one match, we decided to battle at the World Tournament map. Being there grants you the World Tournament buff: Additional 120% HP. Wow... So good... Anyway, my team was able to snag a colony. As we come in conflict with the opposing team, I was totally owned big time! Even with another opportunity given to fight them (thanks to who resurrected the fallen members), the opposing elementalist defeated us! :( However, my team achieved victory by breaking the opponent's home colony!

"Feel my wrath, weaklings!"

After that one, we ended battling at the usual Triple X Triple arena since we were just six left. I ended up not being victorious or not being alive until the end in those matches. One of my opponents were really too strong for my team to handle. Can't say much about it but what I can recall is that someone hit me with an Elemental Strife! Levitating wizards are really a force to reckon.

A taste of the Elemental Strife!

It was really nice doing this and I got to socialize with my fellow faction members. I just hope there can be more experiences like this in the future! :D

Just to add: I grinded at the Rion Dungeon Hollow for the rest of the evening. Yay! Level 75! I'm just 3/4 in reaching level 100! I'm getting bored at the Dungeon... Back to the prison, perhaps? And I'm officially crazy. I still think it's Christmas...

Do you know who is this character?

Want more peektures? Kleek da leeeenk! PVP with Takhisis

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Post report of the Philippine Online Gaming Summit 2008 event

Alright, my fellow bloggers have posted their experiences of the event itself!

Dispatches from the New World: NineMoons goes to Philippine Online Gaming Summit 2008
Casa Reclusion: POGS 2k8 Photo Story
Fiksdotter's Box: Post Philippine On-line Gaming Summit (POGS)
Tres Mujeres: [Picspam Aftermath] POGS 2008 + Thoughts on CW
Diario el Familia Sigrid: Sigrid Invades POGS 2008!
Lady Veya's Musings: Aftermath: POGS 2008
The Deniva Chronicles: The Philippine Online Gaming Summit

G3's Coverage of the event!

When Ms. Ivee Feria was being interviewed, this was playing!!!

Yay! It was one heck of an event! :D Have fun, everyone! Colony Wars? Not now...

Farewell RedSign, thank you Takhisis

It was just weeks ago that I noticed RedSign was going to disband and its going to be recruited by the Outcasts Faction. Surely, disappointment came first because I belonged to a faction that stayed since Open Beta and I had a good experience with them. From witnessing the Level 52 Faction Quest to snagging a Colony for the +10% HP Buff. I was even thankful that during my month-long absence during October 2007, they did not kick me off the faction. Also, we had a welcoming celebration for 10 new members in our faction as well (and they eventually left...). Sure, the faction had its share of bad stuff but the good stuff totally outweighed it (for me, that is). Well, being part of a bigger and active faction was also a good move. We totally have a few online members during Colony Wars. But before I decided to go along with this plan, I decided to do some thinking...

Being with the Outcasts Faction would be great since they're active in Colony Wars. However, I thought about the faction of a good friend and fellow blogger. I didn't wait for the faction to be disbanded, so I left RedSign while it still existed. Of course, I get the seven-day penalty to go along with it.

After that penalty period, I waited for the leader of the Takhisis Faction to let me in their ranks (with me informing him of my availability). Well, it's nice to be part of a faction again. Good thing Takhisis is a Republican Faction, like RedSign. Well, thanks for the good times, RedSign. I hope your stay in Outcasts will be a good one! :D

Sunday, 13 January 2008

The Philippine Online Gaming Summit (POGS) 2008 event

I I may not have pictures to share (gotta wait from the other bloggers and friends) but my recollections are totally priceless!

I was able to snag a January issue of GAME! Magazine to serve as my ticket to attending the Philippine Online Gaming Summit (POGS) 2008 event held at the TriNoma Mall located at North Edsa. I arrived around past 10AM and I could see a lot of people already. Even though I have my magazine as the ticket, I still to register for the entrance. After doing such, I got a card that I can have stamped from several booths for freebies. Of course, the Granado Espada/e-Games booth is what I went after first! :P So, I just typed my details and got a poster. The poster was like an ad to promote G.E. in the Philippines. I did subscribe to the text/SMS updates for my cellphone number and I got a freebie item code. We'll talk about that freebie later. Anyhoo, I was looking for another booth to have my card stamped. When I approached a booth selling old issues of Hinge Inquirer Publications magazines, I had to purchase an old issue in order to get a stamp from that booth. I decided to forgo this "quest" and wandered around the e-Games gaming area.

I met Ms. Ivee Feria (please correct spelling if necessary) and asked where DeSanggria and Veya were. After a short chat, she had to go back at the e-Games booth. Reclusion and DeSanggria called my attention and we were all giddy to see each other with Veya! Fiksdotter has arrived as well and so did NineMoons! Yay, it was a happy gathering for us GE Bloggers! I took the chance to participate in the 2-on-2 PVP tourney that was gonna happen around 4PM and my teammate was Fiksdotter! We all decided to have lunch together. NineMoons led us to the food court located at the second floor since the food court I knew at Landmark has the tendency to be very crowded. After the Reclusion brothers got their order, I took the opportunity to help myself on orders of Shrimp Puffs and Shark's Fin Dumpling with Hainanese Rice to go along with these two dishes, plus a bottle of C2 Lemon as well. We were still in happy mode as we talked about many things including the Fantazzztic Film Awards. DeSanggria made the conversation lively by making us imagine Andre Janzur wearing just a white t-back walking around saying "Let's Walk Elegantly!" I did the same by "successfully" impersonating Andre's voice! :D

After the lunch, we headed back to event where we hanged out the area near the center stage. We were able to have Reclusion's two films "Not Another Love Story?" and "Lonely Hearts Club part 2" shown and it was a happy moment. We really enjoyed that moment since it was available for the public to watch! :D And to my joy, Welling made an appearance! Plus, I got to know another blogger who's been around G.E. for a good amount of time and she is Sigrid!

When the 2-on-2 PVP event started, me and Fiksdotter were among the first to participate. Our opponents were Welling and his faction mate from AF and we got simply owned from those two. They did have a tough time when I used The Defender Veteran Stance since it was challenging for them to wipe me out fast! Nevertheless, it was a great experience trying out a Veteran Stance (and not to mention a serious PVP match!). As the tourney went along, I think Welling's team won the event! Please confirm that, please! :D

After the event, I remembered something. I wanted to have my fellow GE Bloggers sign their siggies (my plural form of the slang "siggy") on my GAME! Magazine. This issue will now be forever treasured, even after G.E. We stayed a little longer for a performance by Moonstar88 and the raffle. Too bad neither of any of us won a Nintendo Wii or a Gaming PC.

NineMoons led us bloggers to a fancy place to eat, namely at Toast Box. I decided to sample their Thick Toast with Kaya on top, plus a couple of Soft-Boiled eggs and coffee. It was a totally new experience since it was my first time. That Kaya was delicious! We parted after having our "dinner" and wished the best to each other. Another "happiest moment" is now chronicled ever since my experience during the Intel Machinimasia Movie-Making Workshop I attended and covered (not to mention getting blogspotted for it!).

Well, looking forward to great events in the Philippines related G.E. (if my work schedule allows it! :P )! If you'll excuse me, I'll just go dancing at High Street 5!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Strive to be the best!

It seems my Machinima Entry isn't a prize winner. Damn, I really wanted that PC so bad! I was gonna throw a tantrum but I remembered something from a recent job orientation:

"Strive to be the best of the best"

In my job, it pays to be the best of the best. It ain't the end of the world and there's always a next time, to be the best! If I want to keep my job, I have to strive! If I want to reach Veteran (or maybe Expert), I must strive! If I want to make better Machinima, I have to strive! I must, I will, I have to STRIVE!!!

Seriously guys, that what I learned from my job orientation. Surely I won't be able to go online to play often but this job could help shape me as a better person. Well, I hope play again tomorrow morning! I came from my job before sunrise (5:30AM) ! Some self-psyching up I did there! :P

My congratulations to Darrick and Little Nate! They are examples of striving to be the best!

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Entry to Lady Veya's 10th Forum Quest

Since I wanted to include all my siblings, I decided to do some photoshopping in this one. So far, looks like it turned out good (despite the fact the ones sitting down are facing down).Before I lose the chance, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY FRENDS AND FELLOW GE BLOGGERS ALL AROUND THE WORLD! I'd also like to add every player in the Singaporean Servers as well! :D

My family