Saturday, 15 December 2007

The Intel Machinimasia Movie-Making Workshop

I was able to reserve a seat at the Intel Machinimasia Movie-Making Workshop to be held at the Ascott Towers nearby Glorietta 4. I left real early from the house and decided to wait since I made a reservation for the second batch. It seemed I arrived early and decided to shift to the first batch. Also, a Granado Espada booth was nearby but it was empty. It was really a great experience to use Intel Core 2 Quad PCs but if you ask me, my cousin's PC was still the best experience!

However, this experience very different from the workshop I attended at the Hataw Hanep Hero 3 event. We were all learning here, since a majority of those who attended are not Granado Espada players. When we got to the part of making movies, that's where I had to think of an impromptu story. With my (diverse) character selection, I came up with the idea of Catherine being new to the outside world. To "spice" things up, I decided to do voice-overs since the earphones had microphones and it's top class (unlike my PC!). After capture numerous in-game footages, I now had to compile them into a 2-minute movie. I had 2 scenes omitted because it was getting past the 2-minute mark. I didn't feel embarrassed in voicing FEMALE CHARACTERS! Yes, I voiced my Female Elementalist and Catherine myself! :P While making the movie with Windows Movie Maker, they handed the attendees (including me) a free 1GB USB Flash Drive to save the movie with! Oh yeah, that's one freebie I'll never forget and forever treasure. Of course, I had to make a copy of the movie in the desktop of the PC I was using. Well, I was so happy that I was able to finish and save my movie. That's when DeSanggria arrived to attend the workshop as well!

My batch was already over and the organizers were getting ready to welcome the next batch. I helped myself for some snacks (or what's left on the table). Boy, those Spring Rolls and Danish Pastries were really yummy! I also got my other freebies from Intel, Globe and e-Games. NineMoons made an appearance and so does Philippines Community Manager Veya! While NineMoons waited for her batch, we conversed about Granado Espada and I even asked her opinion about Senator Antonio Trillanes IV's actions. Can't say anymore because it would be too dangerous for me to publicly share others' opinions in Philippine Poltics (worse, I or anyone involved could get in trouble!). Oh yeah, I asked her about it since the Ascott Hotel was formerly the Oakwood Hotel where Trillanes staged a mutiny. I also got my chance to converse with Veya every now and then.

DeSanggria wasn't able to finish her movie through the course of the workshop but she was very satisfied with the experience she learned. NineMoons was next to go and attended her batch with Darrick of the Reclusion Family. Poor little Nate didn't get to go since he wasn't able to get a slot. Little Nate ended up with me, DeSanggria and Veya outside Meeting Room 10. I decided to stay longer since I was in the company of my fellow bloggers. It seems Welling couldn't make it because of classes and Fiksdotter had to focus on his thesis (although he will attend tomorrow). When we noticed that the food was being "refilled," we helped ourselves with Spring Rolls, Siomai, Danish Pastries and Petite Fruit Pies! Oh yeah, were we happy! Little Nate was really nice to save some food for his brother Darrick. Well, the food ran out real fast (well, the Siomai ran out but there was still some Spring Rolls)! :P It also nice for the hotel staff to register for freebies at the Granado Espada booth. We talked a lot of issues in Granado Espada but I choose not to elaborate on it. Well, I can "divulge" that Selwyn isn't the Malaysian Community Manager for Granado Espada. No wonder why the Malaysian players have no... events? Also, some of the lecturers were leaving already and I got the chance to have a photo op (thanks to DeSanggria).

Little Nate was able to sign up for the last batch but this will make his older brother Darrick wait for him. Well, looks like he wants the 1GB USB Flash Drive freebie! :D When Darrick and NineMoons exited the event, they got whatever food was left at the table. I spent some time with them and Little Nate attended the last session. It seems to come to my attention that mostly of the attendees are not GE players and a majority of them are college students. Looks like the website, in-game announcement and e-mail wasn't the only medium of getting the word out. It was getting late for me, so I had to leave and say my goodbyes to my fellow bloggers. This is one experience I will never forget! :D

My Machinima Entry!

Hope I win that PC!!! I want it!!! Wait a sec, where's my Bear Package? I did make a reservation! :P

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