Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Trying out the Battle Arena at Bahia Island

When Bahia Island opened, the Battle Arena was a hot tourist activity, along with the Capybara and the Watermelon Games. Right now, it's not being visited that much than before. I took this as an opportunity to give the Battle Arena feature a shot.

It'll cost 100,000 to take a chance in battling a random boss monster starting at level 70 and above. You'll have at least 30 seconds to get ready before the boss monster is revealed for you to fight. When you sign up for the fight, anyone within Outside Bahia will be alerted that your fight will be taking place. This gives other families a chance to watch the fight within the 30 second period. Once the fight starts, no other families can come in to watch the spectacle. For my case, no one bothered to watch my fight since there not much people at Bahia. :(

Anyhoo, here's who I ended up fighting:

It's a level 102 Pollux!

This fight is particularly easy because it's within my level range and my equipment worked really well against this beast! Here's some more pics of my fight with this boss monster:

This bullet has your name on it!

Burn and go back where you came from!

Of course, this was a victory for me! After the fight, it will take 10 minutes before the Battle Arena will open to the next interested participant. So I decided to wait within the area...

Too bad we don't have swimsuits...

When the Battle Arena opened up again, I signed up for another fight. I was so confident that I was going to win the next fight until my opponent was revealed:

A level 122 Swamp Frogfish!!!

This didn't turn out to be a pleasant experience... I was, of course, owned by this beast! Once your family is defeated, you have 10 seconds to revive (Soul Crystals, anyone?) or you will be sent back to your barracks! Of course, I ended up having the latter since it was impossible for me to kick that boss' butt! :(

Well, it was fun to experience this feature. Oh! Prizes here include 1st Place and 2nd Place Tickets. I ended up getting a 2nd place Ticket from my fight from Pollux.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Finally, my very own monster elites!

Ever since I noticed that we have some "special weapons," I took it as a future goal to achieve once I reach Veteran. Well, looks like it was about time for to fulfill it and here's my story:

I scheduled one of my "day off-s" to go on a farming marathon for Pure Otite. I had experiences farming for these Pure Otites because you will need 10 of them in Baron Quest. Since I'm going after for these "monster elites," I will need 30 Pure Otites for each weapon. I bought the Otite Perfume and the Mystery Powders for me to be able to go on a (tedious) quest in farming for the Pure Otites.

I needed the Otite Perfume to access Los Toldos before I can even reach Tierra de Los Muertos. Now, I needed to speak to the Gloomy Old Man to ask him to help me out in getting Pure Otite. In order for me to get Pure Otite, I need to gather 100 Refined Otite from the undead monsters found in Tierra de Los Muertos. These are the monsters that look like aliens with red heads and yellow eyes. They attack either with swords or rifles. To get to Tierra de Los Muertos, I need to offer 1 Mystery Powder to the Gloomy Old Man. Once I'm in that place, it's huntin' time!

For my case, my first batch of Pure Otites was done through constant AFK'ing and some active participation. I was multitasking on that day of AFK'ing, cooking fried rice, doing the laundry, making ice and tending the dog's toilet area. There are times that I did die because I AFK'ed for too long because of my multitasking. Also, it really took all my energy away. Of course, this compelled me to buy more Mystery Powder than I needed because I have to spend one per visit to Tierra de Los Muertos A family named "Forjadaluna" (did I get that right?) was able to help me out gather these Pure Otites when I finally had time to dedicate myself on the game. We did take a break from our gathering runs one time and I was able to craft an Elite Axe di Gavi!

Since it took less than 12 hours for me to get that, I wanted to go on another run. So, I paired up with Forjadaluna again and gathered another set of Pure Otites. He was understanding when I had to AFK as well. Doing this for the second time proved detrimental to my state. I was beginning to feel so drowsy already and I mustered up all my courage to continue and finish the second set. Thank goodness I was able to push through and I was able to get an Elite Beam Gun for my efforts.

For some stupidity on my part, I wasn't aware that when you put a monster weapon on the anvil to get a Spirit Stone, it won't automatically hand over the Spirit Stone. You will have to pick it drop like you would pick a up loot after you give the monster weapon. I panicked after I gave away 2 Axe di Gavis but I didn't get them yet. Reclusion was kind to point out what I did wrong and I made sure I grabbed the Spirit Stone the next time I gave up the weapon.

To get your hands on a "monster elite," you will need 30 Pure Otites, 2 sets of 100 Pure Ores (Quartz, Aidanium, etc), 3 Level 92 Enchantment Chips and the required Spirit Stone. The recipe can be found from the Gloomy Old Man, who sells them for 1 Million Vis per recipe. Once you have all the materials and the recipe, have it crafted by the Gloomy Old Man. The level requirement for these weapons is Veteran, even though it says it's an Elite Level 92 weapon.

Now, enjoy the pics of my newly acquired weapons:

Elite Beam Gun (with Elite Rafael's Rapier)

Elite Axe di Gavi (with The Grim Shout shield)

What weapons will I go after next? Pollux Sword? Phobitan Knuckle? Antique Pistol? Scythe? Candlestick? You'll just have to find out for yourself! :D

Friday, 6 June 2008

Ferruccio Forges: Forgotten Benefit?

Well, I've seen guides for Glaziums, the Market Manager, going to real-live events, getting Bai Hu, Bahamas preview, Baron Items, Necklace Crafting and such. But looks like there's something we've either overlooked, forgotten or taken for granted here in GE. It's the Ferruccio Forges!

Looking back, it has been a while for me since I have visited a Ferruccio Forge. I'm going to document about the Ferruccio Forges since I'm one of the few who takes advantage of it!

Looks like Granado Espada is in need of ores in order to progress and they seemed to have experienced a shortage or two. It is up to us to provide Granado Espada with the ores they need. Hey, it comes with rewards too! Also, the Ferruccio Forges are only available in Channel 1, along with the Demon Well (for Diablo), the Golden Well, Colonies and everything else.

All you have to do is to collect a specific type of ore in a specific amount. There are three Ferruccio Forges and each of them will need a different ore. By providing the ore that the Ferruccio Forge needs, you will rewarded with a random item and it can range from other ores, consumables (including those not found in stores), ambers and even rings! But the items you'll get are not exactly random, in fact, you'll see a list of items you'll get before you use the Forge! Once a family has gotten their reward, it will take one hour before the forge can be used again. You can also check when the forge will be usable again by clicking on it and a time will appear on when it can be usable again.

Now, here's a step by step guide on using the Ferruccio Forge:

Make sure you have the required ore in your inventory.

When the Forge's furnace is burning, you can use it. Click the forge and select "Use Ferrucio Forge."

Now, you'll a list of items you can get from the Forge. You're guaranteed to get the item that's first on the list!

Woah, is this an advert?

You'll be noted on how long will it take for the forge to be used again.

Confirm that you want to put in the ores in the forge.

You'll get a confirmation message that will be seen by you and anyone else near the forge.

Idge, is it really hot in there?

The forge will then be rendered unusable for 30 mins. Notice that the furnace is not burning anymore, a sign that the forge is not ready. Clicking the forge when it's not ready will inform you how long will it take before the forge is ready again.

The item that was next on the list will be the item that you'll be getting when the Forge is ready to accept another donation. Feel free to grind for the ores while it happens. Just make sure that no one beats you to it! :D

There are three Ferruccio Forges in the world of Granado Espada and each of them require three different ores.

The Cathari Falls Forge needs 200 Bulk Coals. It's located at H8.

The Jezebel Glen Forge needs 200 Chalcedonies. It's coordinates are E5.

The Lago de Tres Hermanas Forge needs 100 Refined Quartz. You can find this at H7.

Each of the Forges have their own inscriptions as well. Let me go ahead and get them down for you. Here's what it says from the Cathari Falls Forge*:

It has been eight years since the start of the New World exploration. The first exploration was headed by the Ferruccio expedition, who arrived with the materials from the Homeland. But it wasn't enough, so they had to scour for materials themselves.

Here, we are fortunate to find many valuable items. One of the members of our expedition, Admirar the Alchemist, suggested the establishment of the Ferruccio Forge supply items, which you are looking at right now.

Someday, if an expedition should chance upon this Ferruccio Forge, we hope that it will be of use to them. I hope that the expeditions will use this forge will remember Admirar the Alchemist for his selflessness.

July 1498, by the Opresia Calendar, Adjutant of the expedition, Jilberto Granado.

*Some grammatical corrections are made. The year was 1948 but that would make it look wrong. Made an estimate based on the Jezebel Glen Forge's date.

Here's what it says on the Jezebel Glen Forge:

One year has passed since the expedition begun. We have to come to realize that a New World is much more hazardous than we had expected.

Our immediate concern is to find out how to utilize the materials we have collected in the New World. Our supply of materials brought from Opresia is diminishing rapidly.

The Ferruccio Forge was constructed by Admirar the Alchemist. It is used to melt minerals and turn them into valuable items and equipment. We have been able to continue our expedition in this canyon with the help of this.

We do not know how long our expedition will last. We leave this inscription in hopes that it will aid the next expedition in using this valuable forge.

1491 April, by the Opresia Calendar, Adjutant of the Expedition, Jilberto Granado.

Now, the inscription from the El Lago de Tres Hermanas Forge is very interesting. It states the history on how the place got its name (also hints of Auch's establishment!):

The Ferruccio Forge was constructed in memory of the three sisters of the Almobador Family who fought valiantly against ferocious monsters. Their heroic actions shall live on in our memories forever.

We headed north further inland as we were unable to cope with the taxation pressure due to the construction of the Cite de Reboldoeux in 1512.

In this environment, abundant with mineral resources and densely populated by articular trees, we knew we could start a life away and free from Vespanolan rule. However, it was inhabited by a vicious Merman.

We had to fend off attacks from them almost everyday. Their numbers were overwhelming but they were no match for our will and determination! Most admirable of all were the three sisters of the Almobador Family.

Without the three sisters, we could have never constructed the City of Auch successfully! Although they were not able to see the completion, we named this lake and this forge in their honor.

We hope this forge will be to the expedition that pass through. And that you will remember and honor the three sisters who fought and died admirably.

Well, I feel that this guide is very fulfilling. I hope you guys (especially the new players/families) take advantage of what the Forges can reward you. I feel like I should get back and check them out! I'll never know what I'll be getting next...

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Claire: Swordsgirl. Cannoness. Sweetheart.

Okay. I'm going to make an attempt I've never tried before: Trying to translate something from Japanese to English. What am I covering? Claire's quest details! This may be inaccurate but I'm tried all of my best to piece everything to at least make some sense in to this information I have tried to translate.

Alright, let's meet our girl first:

HP 4

Novice Guard
  • Sweet Dreamer - 731% ATK, 1 target
  • Armor Crasher - 731% ATK, 4 targets, chance of debuff of 0 DEF for 20 seconds
  • Genocide - 1566% ATK, 1 target
  • Decision - 1872% ATK, 5 targets, DEF -30
Novice Markmanship
Just works like Jose's Basic Cannon stance but with the Wagenlanker being renamed as "Cannon Bump" and having a normal attack, as opposed to Jose's stance where it is skill dependent.

Personal Skill:
Summon Bearwalker
Lasts for 3 minutes with a 2 minute cooldown. Stats unknown and catalyst/required items still in development for balancing.


1. You must have Claude Baudez in your party.
2. You must have an Elemental Jewel (sells for 10 Million Vis from the Item Shop).
3. Patience and perseverance is required. Why? This is like a Viki quest! BE FOREWARNED!

Okay, once you're all set and dedicated to get Claire, let's go meet her...

Talk to Claire with Claude as the party leader.

Looks like Claire here wants to travel along with your family but looks like her father-in-law Claude does not allow her to do so. In order for Claire to recieve consent, you will have to do three tasks that Claude will be sending to Claire via mail. You will read each letter on the start of each task.

The first task involves getting a great sword from Jose Cortazar. Head over to Coimbra and talk to Jose. You will be tasked to get items from three different monsters. The monsters have not been identified but I'll edit this post in the future.

After gathering the items, report back to Jose and he'll hand over the great sword. Return to Claire with the great sword and get ready for the second task. This one will involve the Elemental Jewel. Just have it in your inventory and hand it over to Claire. Easy, huh? Well, for you Vis it isn't! :P

Task number three will involve hunting for two rare ores located at the Bonavista River. You'll have to hunt down an Elite Cockatrice (a giant purple parrot) for the ores. If you remember the Mammund from the Viki quest, this is where your dedication and patience will tested once again. It's usual spawn point is at coordinates F4, G4 and H4 but you may have better luck roaming around the Bonavista River.

After getting the ores, head straight to Claude for him to be surprised that all the tasks were accomplish and he'll finally let Claire join you. You'll get Claire's Character Card and there you have it! Well, I'll go ahead and edit this post if there's more details on how her quest goes. Biggest thanks to the following resources:

Post from the Corazon de Leon Faction blog

Sword of the New World Forum Topic
Doratomo's coverage of the quest (biggest thanks)

Images from Doratomo

My family