Saturday, 22 September 2007

My flash comics have a new (actually better) home!

Just a small update but at least I've got a webhost to host my flash comics and organize them with some graphics and such.

Here's the the link: Tales from Granado Espada

Bookmark it if you want and updates shall be posted here! :D

In case anyone's wondering where the Emilia tale went, I'm planning to remaster it with NineMoons' help soon.

With the problem still present in my PC, it seems my hard drive is slowly failing. When it experiences severe pressure (loading graphics in video games, copying huge files, etc.), that's when I hear a click sound and the PC freezes and I gotta keep it closed for at least 30 minutes. Doesn't hang though when I use programs that aren't really stressing the HDD. If I play and it hangs in crowded places, my progress will be severely hindered. I really need a stable income for me to replace the hard drive (and pay some debts I made).

Monday, 17 September 2007

Why I didn't attend the party...

Well, I wanted to attend the party but it seems there are two factors that affected my absence:

I need a job

I need to find a (day) job that will help me finance myself (rather on depending on my parents) for all my needs and wants. From getting new stuff to funding my extra curricular activities (online gaming and such). Really now, I really need a good paying job so I can stand on my own two feet. My stint isn't enough to keep my wallet full, you know!

Since that's the major reason, here is the minor one:

I need to visit my mother at Baguio

Since I had no stint last weekend (plus with that major factor/reason), I took the opportunity to visit my mom who's at Baguio managing the canteen of the Philippine Military Academy. It's been a while since I've seen her and been to Baguio. Of course, I really made my visit worth it by helping around to operate the canteen. I also went to Baguio to get my mind off the dilemma I'm in right now.

Okay, this may mean that I won't be able to play Granado Espada for long periods of time. I cannot quit this, for I have committed to this game already (plus, I paid for my barracks expansion already!). I just need to find a way to get financed adequately (good paying job) for me to continue "enjoying life." I am still unemployed but I doing everything I can to get a job. Call center? Will only apply as a last resort. Wanna help me? Let me know...

Friday, 7 September 2007

I'm sorry to say this but...

Marvin writes a letter addressed to Amethy and her Volunteer Army. It reads:

"Dear Lady Amethy,

I have heard of your news that the Dark Lord is coming to attack Reboldoeux with his army. Although I am enthusiastic to join your army, I am afraid I must decline your offer. My reason why I decided to "leave" the even it is because our weapons have suddenly become dull and ineffective for only God knows. The Mena Family has experienced this unfortunate event went we overdid ourselves trying to get stronger. We have paid the price of our motivation (more like an addiction) to train beyond our limits. Thus, our weapons have dulled and we could not be able to venture the New World at all.

My sincerest apologies, milady. I wish I could participate but misfortune has totally come across me. I look forward to hearing from you the outcome of the battle. May the New World stand stall and live forever!

Marvin Mena"

Basically, this PC will be away for the weekend because it tends to hang when I start it normally. I am using Safe Mode right now so I can make this important post. I was just deleting some fles and backing some up until a major problem occurred! I look forward to knowing the outcome of the event! :(

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Upcoming site!

I've been busy brushing up my skills in PHP and MySQL since I got a job offer of being a PHP Programmer. Why does this have to do with Granado Espada? Look at the partially updated "The Mena Family" section in my blog. The ones with bigger pictures have profiles! I'll work on the others once I have some free time. At least you'll have some history for the main members of my family!

Things to consider when viewing the pages:
  • All the info are purely fiction. Some info are based on real-life experiences while others are not and maybe purely coincidental. Read at your own discretion.
  • A new browser window will open if you click the portrait.
  • If you click on a small portrait, you might get nothing for I haven't given that character a page of their own (or in technical terms, there's no data in the database yet).
  • The background images will require some loading time because they're at least 500KB and below. Sorry! I wanted quality since those are PNG images!
Maybe I'll also use my recently acquired webspace as a new home for my flash comics... *cooks up an idea!*

Monday, 3 September 2007

First Commercial Colony Wars (and updates!)

Alrighty, looks like everyone got hyped for Colony Wars last Sunday evening! Here's the current result of last night's CW:

Colony Wars results of September 2, 2007

Although I got a better video card (nVidia GeForce FX 5550 256 VRAM), it didn't help when the PC couldn't handle multiple characters and enemies at the same time! It took me a minute or so to be able to play properly with low frame rates! Even when I set the character and enemy detail to the lowest, it still didn't help! But anyhoo, I've got some reporting to do!

I was supposed to help in taking the colony in El Lago de Tres Hermanas but by the time I arrived, I was teleported back to Auch. Woah, that was REALLY FAST! Anyway, I was sent to Tetra Hill and try to get the colony. We did what we could, but still no colony (and back to Coimbra). The next target was PB Desolate Cliff.

The Tetra Hill

Upon arriving, I was greeted with attacks from the recently rival faction in order to get it. Sure, I was killed but came back with another team. Even though we put so much effort, we got teleported back to Coimbra...

Porto Bello Desolate Cliff

El Lago de Tres Hermanas was the target again but this one was the best experience I could ever remember. I tried my best to knock the colony down and there were a lot of monster summons and Valkyrie Crashers! Looks like the people are understanding the benefits of these Valkyrie Crashers. They may attack slow, but they really deal more damage to an enemy colony. Sad to say, my faction didn't get it...

El Lago de Tres Hermanas

I tried to participate in getting the Ferruccio Junction colony but the GodLike Faction where already waiting for ambushes! I tried to make a run for it but I was no match their high-leveled skills and I got defeated with no mercy at all! :( After that, I decided to take a break and come back to grind and get the results.

Let's see who's on top now:

-Ferruccio Junction
-The King's Garden
-The Tetra Hill
-El Lago de Tres Hermanas
-El Tejado Verde
-Ustiur Zona Uno
-Lago Celeste

-Jezebel Glen
-Porto Bello Desolate Cliff
-Pradera de Ceniza
-The Old Port of Coimbra
-El Canon de Diabolica
-Topolo Durga
-El Tierra Blanco

-Bonavista River
-Ustiur Zona Dos
-Scorching Plateau
-Via Fluvial

-The Rion Prairie
-Rio Aibi

For those who got only one colony:

ScarletRose - Porto Bello Deserted Quay

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a tie between the two big shots of Carracci: GodLike and Destiny!

My favorite picture of all:

Good Lord! Aren't they supposed to be extinct?!?!?

And for some updates, I was able to get my hands to G Points and bought four barrack slot licenses! Yay! More characters for me! :D I also took the liberty in adding three new characters in my barracks! :D So far, I have relocated to Auch right now to level my characters up to 48, with my first character to reach Level 51! Uh oh, I better watch what I'm doing! :P After I am done with the barracks expansion, I will upgrade my warp slots next! For the meantime, I'll try to educate you readers on how to expand your barracks.

Expanding your barracks in sGE

When you start Granado Espada, you are entitled up to nine characters per server per account (that means different characters per account, you can't use your character from server A to server B and vice versa). You can expand this by purchasing the "1 Barracks Slot" premium item (1,100 G Points) from the Premium Item Merchant. She is located near every waypoint in Reboldoeux, Coimbra and Auch. After purchasing the premium item, look for either Domingo (Reboldoeux), Nunez (Coimbra) or the Public Servant of Auch to have your barracks expanded. The maximum allowed capacity for your barracks is 36 characters and there will be nine characters per barracks set. You can use different characters from different barracks as well. I hope I will be able to provide some screenies soon.

That's it for now! Will update the post for screenies! :P

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