Thursday, 28 August 2008

Getting into the trend...

Ever since I have gotten my Musketeer to Veteran, I have run out of goals to do in Granado Espada. So far, I have created a total of four Land of the Dead weapons and six Veterans. The vets I have created totally took all my attention into the game itself, even if I tried multitasking with GE. My multitasking habits range from playing other games (via Flash games or my older sister's boyfriend's PSP!) to doing the laundry. What's worse, I even tried doing three things together! :(

My friends tell me that I should get a Vet Grace Bernelli so I can be able to AFK level in some areas. There you have it, I joined the ever growing trend of getting a Grace Bernelli that can kill fast with either a shotgun or a rifle. I have seen that everyone wants the Veteran Shotgun Stance.

Leveling my Grace with Catherine and Emilia the Sage

Looks like I have another goal after this. Leveling my Reboldoeux Soldier to upgrade his costume! :D

Looks like I did not execute my joke properly!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

What I got from the Land of the Dead (again)

I did make my second trip to Tierra de los Muertos to go get myself some more weapons. I was able to make 60 runs for two weapons and this is what I got:

Complete with the owl!


Hehehehe! I actually held those Echo of Steels for a while, because I was with someone who did not want to finish the baron quest but wanted to craft such weapons. I forgot who was the family that accompanied me but that family was one of the many helpfuls in speeding up in acquiring Pure Otites. This is what I really got from Tierra de los Muertos:

Eliter Skullic Bracer and Elite Antique Pistol

I did mention in an earlier post that I had my mind set up on the Elite Skullic Bracer, which did increase my damage for my Elementalist. I decided on another pistol because I had planned (and I did!) to level up my Musketeer to Veteran to experience the Outrage Shot stance. Deciding between the two, I picked the Elite Ancient Pistol.

Looks like I'll be adding more posts with our O RLY? owl in the future! Why you ask? It's all because I'm hyped up to get this one on October!

New veteran: Samantha the Musketeer!

Inspired in getting the Outrage Shot stance, I am pleased to announce my new vet:

Samantha is now a Veteran!

Leveling characters from level 88 to 100 at the Skullic Dungeon was no easy task! I had to sacrifice sleep to make the most out of my Expert Combat Manual that gives me an additional 100% boost in level EXP. Looks like I can finally get a taste of having my Musketeer try out the Outrage Shot stance soon enough! Happy happy me!

Of course, here's a bonus pic that I took when I just slept for four hours!

So tired... Must rest... Zzzzz...

Yup. That's my leveling team, Catherine and Emilia the Sage. My ETS is actually level 100 but I didn't bother have her promoted to Veteran yet. Since she has only one Veteran Stance (which is an enhanced buffing stance), I felt it would be too early to have her promoted. So, I left to be a high level healer for the meantime.

On the next post, here's what you can expect:

Echo of Steels... O RLY?!?
Just wait for it!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Upcoming agendas for this month

Right now, I'm focusing on leveling up my Musketeer because the Outrage Shot stance looks really great and powerful for dual pistol users! I just hope I can achieve that goal by the end of the month (and the funds for it too!).

This week, I'm planning to invest on G Points for Bai Hu and a trip to the Land of the Dead/Tierra de los Muertos. What drove me for this one? I got a Mysterious Steel Piece and I'm gonna use it to get myself an Elite Skullic Bracer! :D Maybe I should also get myself another weapon... Hmmm... I've gotten a Great Sword (Nodachi), Pistol (Elite Beam Gun) and Blunt (Elite Axe di Gavi). Should I go for a Sabre, Sword, Shield, Rapier, Polearm or Dagger? The Elite Scythe looks appealing for a polearm, the Sabre di Gavi looks really great and I definitely needs daggers for Lisa Lynway...

Decisions, decisions. I'll make up my mind tomorrow when maitenance starts. Better preapre my expenses since I'll be able to top up day after payday! :D

Enjoy this video from the Blacksword family as he shows us the skills of the Outrage Shot stance!

Monday, 11 August 2008

A nifty tool to show off your level!

When I began to see pics of a forum member's family portraits and levels, I wanted one myself! Fortunately, a forum member did put the link to the "online service." I ended going to Another Lonely Soul.

With much excitement, I signed up and created an account. I happily created the portraits per barracks plus one to show my current team. It's really a nifty way to show off your family and their levels as well! You want to see mine? I'll post 'em right away (and check the bottom of my blog too!)!

Feast your eyes on my collection!

My current team is located on the upper left part of the blog, right above my twitter tool. However, this does not automatically sync with your game. Make sure you update it for any changes in levels and new members.

You should get yourself one too! Head over to Another Lonely Soul and sign up for an account! Oh yeah, DeSanggria also got into the trend as well!

Will get to work on Vicente Rio's performance because I got myself the Bach Costume! Happy leveling! You still got until this Friday for that! :D

Looking at the crystal ball of the world of GE...

It's been a while but I've been reading blogs back and forth and here's what I can chronicle on what GE's been up to for the future:

In cGE, they released an exclusive costume as a homage of this year's Summer Olympics held at Beijing. This costume is simply a sports shirt, sport pants and matching sneakers. Plus, the shirt bears the logo of this year's Summer Olympics. Here are some pics that I can snag right now (courtesy of Blacksword/Reimaru):

Follow the link to his post for more details.

With Granado Espada V3.0 slowly being implemented on the Korean servers, they released new stances that only Experts (pity me!) can get! Here's the dirt I saw from Blacksword's/Reimaru's blog and our favorite Japanese fan site:

More info? Head over to the links I set up earlier!

Now for the finale, a new challenger... Whoops! I mean... Character has arrived in GE V3.0! From the looks of it, our new character here is a male fighter and his character design might be inspired from the new Mayan/Aztec settings of V3.0. Here's what I can dig up:

Plus, he has two exclusive stances to himself! One stance with a new weapon resembling like tonfas...

Semilunar Stance

And another one that allows him to weild two blunt weapons. What the? Two blunt weapons?!? This man is a barbarian!

Combatant Stance

That's what I found so far. Looks like Granado Espada keeps getting bigger and better. Good thing I chronicled this for future references! Biggest credits go to Blacksword/Reimaru and Doratomo.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Looking forward for the updates...

Seeing Mistress Hrin's post on the update release schedule, I find myself in a jam to invest in this game. Next week, I was looking forward to getting Bai Hu, the fifth Martial Arts practitioner with the Chapter of Mind. However, seeing the post would really blow my mind (and possibly pockets) away!

14 August 2008:
Release of RNPC, Bai Hu

My say?
Yay! My collection will be complete!

21 August 2008: "Battlesmith Week"
Release of Veteran Stances:
Mighty Cruz [Combat Stance] Polearm
Low-Guard [Combat Stance] Sabre
Raid Assault [Combat Stance] Two handed dagger
Idge the Battlesmith' Idge the Battlesmith RNPC Card

My say?
Wow! The other stances are coming in! This means money (to invest! :( ) for my fighter... :P Ide the Battlesmith? I'll pass.

28 August 2008: "Soldier's Week"

Reboldoeux Soldier Costume Reboldoeux Soldier Exclusive Costume
Coimbra Trooper Costume Coimbra Trooper's Exclusive Costume
Auch Infantry Costume Auch Infantry's Exclusive Costume
RNPC Stat Upgrade Quest 1 - Reboldoeux Solider Quest for Reboldoeux Soldier's stat upgrade

My say?
I feel like indulging on my male Reboldoeux Solider! It has something to do with the costume getting an additional +1 stat. AGI perhaps?

4 September 2008: "Iron Chef - Fish & Chips Week"
(I do have my reservations about whether IMC will approve this one though. *crosses fingers*)

Panfilo the Battlecook Panfilo the Battlecook RNPC Card
Enchantment Chip Package (Lvl 84) 5 Enchantment Tranquilizer + 5 Lvl 84 Enchantment Chips
Enchantment Chip Package (Lvl 92) 5 Enchantment Tranquilizer + 5 Lvl 92 Enchantment Chips
Enchantment Chip Package (Lvl 100) 5 Enchantment Tranquilizer + 5 Lvl 100 Enchantment Chips

My say?
I'll pass.

11 September 2008: Children's Week

RNPC Stat Upgrade Quest 2 - Ramiro & Tiburon Quest for Ramiro and Tiburon's stat upgrade.
The Janzur Collection
Random Box that contains Gryphon’s Wing (Sylph) Wings + other items
Claude’s Crate
Random Box that contains Cherry Sprig (Cherry Blossom Branch), Silver Skullic Bracer and other items

My say?
Let me see what the items are and I'll think about getting those items.

I hope I don't blow too much on my pay. I've got other things to worry about! Well, at least I'm looking forward fresh stuff every week. I gotta keep my characters leveled up. Level 72 is dreadfully sloooow... (without the boosters, of course!).

Monday, 4 August 2008

The weekend was hell! (Mostly...)

Gawd! The internet was hell the recent weekend! My internet connect with IAH's servers must have weakened because of the rain. I couldn't contain my sorrows for it anymore so lemme just post this to remind myself of this dreadful event to have ever fallen me.

I was in the progress of leveling my Lisa Lynway (Miriam) and I experienced a lot of DC's and huge lags. If I lagged but stayed I got a "fast-forward situation" where I'm not sure if I survived the ordeal or not.

I kept trying and trying again, until everything was stable around 10PM GMT +8. Well, lemme just continue leveling and I am considering leveling the 72 peeps since I'm running out of level 72 armors for them to wear! :D Maybe Vet up my Grace Bernelli, perhaps? A friend advised me to! :D

As a side note, looks like the Eminence Faction owned Carracci big time! Destiny and another faction were the only ones present. Looks like a lot of factions are going against Eminence in the following weeks to come for August...

My family