Sunday, 28 September 2008

Granado Espada at the Globe OMG (Oi May Gimik) event: The Event

With cake, bag and jacket in hand, I entered the convention center with overwhelming anticipation. Now, I did not see any hint of a GE gathering going on here. I called up NineMoons to ask where I should go. At first, I didn't understand which trade hall to enter but when I took a peek inside the Globe OMG (Oi May Gimik!/Hey, there's a hang out!) event, there's was an e-games booth at the gaming area. I made my way into the registration booth and some familar faces greeted me there. When they noticed I had cake, GM Lowe handed a megaphone for me to shout that "I have cake for the Granado Espada Community." I finished registering and greeted my Granado Espada buddies at the stage area.

NineMoons, Blacksword, Sigrid, Welling and a lot of other familiar faces were surprised that I had brought the cake! I was like "Hey, how are you?", "Nice to see you again!" and anything else related. Since the events will start at a later time, I had the time to embark on another journey: To buy a new set of paper plates and plastic forks so we can all eat the cake! Going to the hypermarket was tiring because I had to travel on the other end of the Mall of Asia to finally reach the hypermarket and buy the two items. On the way back, I had bumped into Southersky and the Outcasts faction. We made our way back to the event and we were going to start the festivities a few minutes later.

We had the Trivia Contest to start up first because the tournament was hard to set because the connection was bad. The questions were really a mix of easy and hard, unless you really know the answer already! Anyhoo, NineMoons won herself 100 AB searches, Blacksword got a level 100 weapon of his choice and I snagged an Item of the Month code. Other prizes included Le Blanc of choice, 50 AB searches, shirts and video cards.

After that was done, some of us were trying to connect to the sGE servers but like I stated earlier, the connection was bad. It was futile for many of us to have a stable connection. Went a cosplay event was going on, we had to vacate the stage so the cosplayers can show their stuff. At that time, the community decided to eat the cake with a song to celebrate! I can say the cake was more than enough because it's a Triple Layer! A small piece was more than enough to satisfy an hungry mouth! Whiteships (the famed Feng Cosplayer), Little Nate and Josiah arrived and it all happiness and memories! A secuirty personnel noticed our gathering and told us to relocate at an area where we can eat. Some of us gathered outside the trade halls at a drink shop. There was some cake left over and NineMoons decided to bring it home instead.

When we got back, the tourney got delayed again because of the bad connection. Another event went to play: Awarding the Bloggers! It was great that I was able to see familair and new faces! Christus and Churvaneska were in the game for a good amount fo time but it's the first time I've seen them IRL! :D

A raffle was done and more people walked away with video cards, Le Blancs, Level 100 weapons, shirts and AB searches. The art contest followed and I gotta say StreyCat's work as the best! :D
When we got word that the tourneys got cancelled because of the connection, they decided to draw the prizes instead (that what I can recall, though...). To end the event, we lined up to see if we can get prizes!

Whew! I am glad we had a lot of attendees for our Anniversary Black Party! Fiksdotter suggested we get a bit to eat for dinner and he suggested a place...

Granado Espada at the Globe OMG (Oi May Gimik) event: The Journey

With my two bags and jacket, I set off the pick up the cake I ordered the day before. Took a pedicab to the Goldilocks Bakeshop where I ordered an 8x12 Triple Layer cake. It's got layers of Vanilla, Mocha and Chocolate all covered in Mocha icing with a few small round chocolate pieces on the edges. I was happy when the message I had requested was on the cake:

1st Anniversay
Happy Birhtday

Now, I needed to fulfill these agendas:
  • Get some funds.
  • Leave bag at friend's place.
  • Head to the SMX Convention Center.
And it is to all thanks to a taxi driver who accommodated me in being his "driver for the day!" After claiming the cake, that's when I called the taxi would be my companion for the next two and a half hours. From the bakeshop, I asked him to make a couple of stopovers before heading straight to the SMX Convention Center.

The first stopover was at Walter Mart located in Munoz. I needed to get a hold of an ATM machine to get the funds for the trip and anything extra just in case. After that, the second stopover was at my friend's place who has accommodated me into leaving the bag with clothes inside in his room. Let me explain why I needed to do this. I had a shift at 10:30 PM on that Saturday and going back and forth from and to my hometown of Malabon would cost me more money and time. That's when I called my friend (well, his mother, actually!) and asked permission to leave my bag and come back to prepare for work later that night. I got a "Yes" and that saved me a lot!

Continuing on, the last leg of the journey was at hand: To the SMX Convention Center!

It took a little longer than expected because the Pasay part of ESDA is usually prone to traffic. That's when I realized something: I had forgotten to get the paper plates and plastic forks from my bag with clothes! Rats! Well, they didn't cost much and I can just go to the nearby hypermarket at SM Mall of Asia since the SMX Convention Center is part of it. Arriving at the convention center was the end of the journey and I had paid and tipped my driver accordingly. The time is now for me to bring in the cake!

Granado Espada at the Globe OMG (Oi May Gimik) event: The Preparations

After my shift ended on that Saturday morning, I hurriedly left the office and took the quickest way home. I decided to take a nap when I got home. Waking up, I had lunch and prepared my clothes in a bag. I had already prepared my agenda for the weekend a few days ago. My agendas were:
  • Prepare a bag of clothes.
  • Pick up the cake.
  • Get some funds.
  • Leave bag at friend's place.
  • Head to the SMX Convention Center.
  • Leave a little early.
  • Refresh at friend's place.
  • Report for work.
  • Sleep at the office after the shift.
  • Head to Power Plant Mall.
  • Pick up bag at friend's place after stint at Power Plant Mall.
  • Head home.
Agenda number one is done and I was preparing to leave for the day. I told my family about this and looks like they didn't object. Yay! Indepedence (I guess?)! As I stepped out of the house, it's gonna be one heck of a journey...

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Grace is now 100!

Why celebrate having my Grace Bernelli at 100? Because I don't have G Points to pay for the "promotion fee"/Veteran Scroll for my Grace! But I'm really happy that another pending Veteran ready to be promoted!

Next up in my list: Male Reboldoeux Soldier (I want to get that special version of his costume!). Will also post up on what I did to celebrate my achievement on getting Grace to 100! :D

Friday, 19 September 2008

It be the International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Me be reading Miss NineMoons log and me be seeing with me eyes that the lass has celebrated the International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Here in Granado Espada, there be pirates, ships, fights and treasure hunts! Me was able to make me self a contribution for the celebration!

Feast yer eyes on my masterpieces!

Jus' helpin' to spread the words to the ears of pirates and landlubers alike to celebrate this special occasion! Now, where's me grog?!?!? Them rums ain't gonna do it!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Making Millions (for a first time!)

Okay... I loaded up on G Points because I wanted to splurge and maybe pray that I can get myself the Silver Skullic Bracer, Katana and Sakura Branch. But since I needed money to invest in Level 84 Elites, I decided to spend half of what I topped up to get a few million Vis to fund my endeavors. However, that all changed when I began to broadcast my offers...

I had received PMs from a lot of players interested in buying premium items such as Barracks Slots, Warp Slots, Veteran Scrolls, Mystery Powders and Expert Scrolls! I couldn't handle the volume of PMs and in the midst of the confusion, I told my buyers to meet at Auch when I was at Coimbra! :D

That resulted in one family getting pissed off at me and called me a scammer! Ooops... I was totally ill prepared for the event. Eventually, I was able to give my prospects the correct destination. I ended up spending up (almost) all of my G Points just to satisfy my customers! Well, at least I got some millions tucked to spend on indulgences and necessities.

Next time, prepare a lot of G Points for public selling or contact friends who want to buy premium items from me.

I do not the the market pricing and you're lucky since my starting are usually WAY BELOW the market pricing. Be a long time customer and I may get you special discounts! :D But people, I'll officially let you know when can I sell premiums! :D Plus, it's a first time to sell to a lot of people I usually sell premium items to friends!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

1 year of sGE going commerical...

And NineMoons has decided to come up with a way to celebrate it: Fireworks at Auch! I missed the lunch time (12 NN) celebrations but I was able to attend the 6PM celebrations, with me helping out light up the city with my batch of fireworks. Nothing much to say and here's a few pics and an album!

Here's the album for all the pics I have during the event!

Thanks to NineMoons for the idea and thanks for all the Filipinos who have stayed in sGE, despite the issues and concerns going on! Stay strong, Philippines!

My family