Thursday, 29 May 2008

The Land of the Dead: What goes on...

I have to admit that I finally finished the Baron Quest! I rewarded myself with the White Baron a.k.a. Edward Jameson. Well, I better get to the details on this experience...

For people playing in the non-PK servers, you need to purchase a couple of premium items. The items are "Otite Perfume" and "The Wheel of Destiny." For PK servers, they can do the same or work hard by killing other players until they can craft the Wheel of Destiny. Okay, let do a breakdown why there are two requirements for this quest:

PK server:
  • Access to the Los Toldos requires you to be a baron. That means you have to kill players to show that you're a criminal and people at the towns won't interact with you because of your evil deeds. The blood of the innocent has stained your clothes and the person guarding the Los Toldos will smell it and welcome you.
  • Obtaining the Wheel of Destiny can be done by doing a series of tasks to get that back item. Baron back items provides buff to the wearer and the item lasts forever. It is also possible to get more than one. To talk to Kurt, you need a family member wearing a Wheel of Destiny and that character can only converse with Kurt.
Non-PK server:
  • Since players here can't kill each other, they have to purchase a premium item call "Otite Perfume." It makes them smell like they killed other families and will grant you access to the Los Toldos. Take note that this is temporary and it will only last for 24 hours on the time it was "activated." Costs 1,200 GP for one.
  • The Wheel of Destiny can also be purchased at the premium mall for 1,200 GP. Unlike its Baron counterpart, this one is temporary and doesn't have any buffs included. This is sufficient for you to able to talk to Kurt and progress through the quest.
Also, you will need Mystery Powders to access Tierra de los Muertos. This means, one Mystery Power per visit. Stock up around 20 or so. Believe me, you're gonna need it. You have to give the Mystery Powder to the Gloomy Old Man near to an anvil. You'll be going back and forth to Tierra de los Muertos, so be forewarned.

Now, talk to Kurt and he will ask you to hunt 10 Undead Warriors and Gunners as proof of your worth. After that, talk to him and you'll get a taste of what he can do! Yes! You'll see him summoning a Grim Reaper and you'll lose. Don't worry, it's part of the quest. He'll tell you that you were worth his time battling, even though you lost. He'll give you a letter to send to Edward, who is hiding somewhere in Tierra de los Muertos. It's located at coordaintes E3. You'll find some tombstone that you can touch and you'll be at Edward's secret hideout. You'll eventually battle alongside him because some of the undead people have invaded his hideout. Remember, head to E3 of Tierra de los Muertos if you have any business with Edward.

After that task, Edward will give you an item you need to give to Kurt. Kurt will then send you out to kill a boss in Tierra de los Muertos. The location is G9 and it's a giant male fighter wielding a sword and a shield. From how it attacks, this boss is using the Back Guard stance because the skill it often uses is the Vortex Slash. Anyhoo, it took me time to defeat it but it was no match for my fighter's High Guard! You'll get the Otite Pouch that Kurt wants and you'll want to return to him.

Kurt will then send you to investigate the village in the center of Tierra de los Muertos. Once you find it, you'll search for three pieces of information stating that this village was attacked in some time. After delivering these evidences to Kurt, he'll give you 5 Invisible Potions. You'll have to travel to a small town at B6. Before you reach there, use an Invisible Potion and investigate the town. You'll end up facing Montoro Viscount himself (as if meeting him in Ustiur wasn't enough!). You'll have to face him and his minions. After defeating him, report back to Kurt. Looks like you'll have to get back in that small town at B6 being invisible again (Kurt will give you 5 more Invisible Potions). You'll fight Montoro again, without his minions and with Kurt and Edward as your allies. Go ahead and read the conversations before and during the battle. You can let the two defeat Montoro or you can speed things up with your participation.

Now comes the most tedious part of the quest: Gathering 10 Pure Otites for Kurt. In order to do this, you need to speak to the Gloomy Old Man and activate a quest in gathering 300 Refined Otite to produce 1 (or maybe two!) Pure Otite. This means you need to go back and forth Los Toldos and Tierra de los Muertos. Prepare those Mystery Powders, you're gonna need them (hope you don't get disconnected!). After gathering the 10 Pure Otites Kurt needs, he'll ask you to meet up with him and Edward at the center village for a luring operation. Once you head there, enjoy the e-drama that unfolds between THREE CHARACTERS! Can't tell you the details! It's too good to spoil! :D

This is the point where you have to make a choice. It's the choice of having either Kurt Lyndon or Edward Jameson. If you want Edward (like I did), head over to his hideout and accept his allegiance. He will ask of you to kill Kurt. Go ahead and meet up with Kurt. You'll end up fighting him and you can either win or lose this battle. After that, go back to Edward and give him 70 Mystery Powders. Yes, these guys didn't come cheap! You'll get Edward's card after that and you're done with the quest!

Of course, if you want Kurt instead, just talk to Kurt, accept his allegiance, fight Edward, give Kurt 70 Mystery Powders. Take note that you can only get one of these characters in your quest. Want the other one? Go find someone who's willing to part with their character for God only knows the price.

I can say that these can be done by fresh veterans who have elite equips. I was using a fighter in Advance Guard with an Elite Mustang Strider and Elite Rafael's Rapier. For my Elementalist, it's an Elite Bracelet of Uranus and a Skullic Bracer. My Scout just stayed on healing mode, even with the health potions on the side. I had to play Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on my older sister's boyfriend's PSP while that grinding for the Pure Otites. Well, at least all my hard work gave the fruit of my labor: Edward Jameson's Card!

Well, another long post by yours truly. Hope my insights can help out anyone who wants a Baron in their family! Want an illustrated guide? Check this link! Enjoy!

Been busy here and there

Just letting you guys know that even my stress and other games got me, I'm still alive and I love GE. Alright, I guess you (the reader) deserve an explanation (or two) about my declining activity in GE.

First, my work took most of my availability because of stress. That's right, stress. I did my best to cope cope up with all of this but looks like it got out of control that I'm forced to choose rest over gaming. However, if I chose gaming over rest, that would spell more stress.

Second, my sisters. Ever since my two sister returned from the Northern Province, they're taking any opportunity to use the PC when I'm not using it. This is something I cannot control.

Third, new games my sister reintroduced The Sims 2 and showed me the Indigo Prophecy games. Boy, I got too addicted to The Sims 2 because of all the expansion packs I've never experienced! Man, this game really made me hooked big time! :P

Well, there are my reasons. Somehow, I feel like blogging my experiences in the past that I completely did not fulfill. I gotta get working on one already! :D

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Project A3 revealed!

Yup! I've been busy leveling these three to get the levitation stance! This will also be a machinima project that God knows the deadline. Here's where I got the idea as well!

Oh yeah, I finished my Baron Quest already! :D

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