Thursday, 30 August 2007

Flash Comics about Lisa Lynway!

Here ya goes!
^-Meeting the chocolate lady
--The Mena Family arrives at Coimbra and Marvin meets the owner of the Sea Elephant Cafe.
^-An avocado and another favor
--Preloader opens up at 31%. Please be patient!
--The Mena Family go search for an avocado and it seems Lisa has another favor...

More chapters will be up soon! At least I made progress! :D

P.S. This is a quickie post. Sorry if it lacks details! :P

Monday, 27 August 2007

Hey! What's this doing here?

During one grinding session, this appeared at Porto Bello The Hold!

Vladimir came and killed my family!

It seems someone wanted to harass the players in this place. The place is already a place of quality gaming experience (I mean there is no bot-like players with bot-like names) but someone decided to unleash this monstrosity in the place for reasons unknown. But just when all is bleak...


A hero came and sent the monster back where he belonged! This mysterious hero also had a lightning-fast family as well! I pray that there will be people like him to heed the call of clearing out monstrosities summoned using spinelles. Looks like people just love using spinelles for the thrill of seeing the weak fall easily, though I understand a reason why they release such things on certain hot spots.

Actually, you can tell that this hero is actually my faction mate. But I have decided to withdraw his identity for he might be a threat to these spinelle abusers.

Colony Wars results of August 26, 2007

Colony Wars results of August 26, 2007

This was one Colony War I will never forget. Channel 1 seems pretty occupied with lots of playing vying for a colony to claim. Believe me, my PC graphically lag when it tried its best to load up all of players in the screen. Lowering the "character graphics quality" in the options window (it's a new feature, helps... a bit) helped a bit in easing the stress my PC had to undergo.

Anyhoo, let's get to what I've seen so far. The RedSign Faction were planning out in attacking three colonies and were accompanied by the Covenant Faction. Even if I am from the RedSign Faction, I will retain my neutrality in discussing my experience in any Colony War I participate in and write about. That means the public is not entitled to faction secrets! :P They attacked a Destiny Faction colony at Jezebel Glen. After dealing the colony extensive damage, both factions decided to withdraw from it. Reports say that some of them decided to attack another target.

Tornado Vortex!

After some time, they decided to attack other colonies at Pradera de Ceniza and King's Garden. Their raid at the King's Garden failed over and over even with strategies they could come up. They were totally faced with GodLike's powerful families. At this point, RedSign has declared war with the Destiny, Merlion and GodLike factions as a result in an attempt to claim a colony. Merlion is in possession of the Colony at Pradera de Ceniza and the RedSign-Covenant aliance decided to take the chance to claim in the last minutes of the war.

GodLike attacked their intruders with ease

The final attempt to claim a colony was at Pradera de Ceniza. Sure, I was ablt to temporarily to secure a warp spot there because the mobs are too much for me to handle! But when I arrived at the heat of the battle, I was greeted with death. Since my characters are below level 51, I am still privileged to have auto revival. With just a few minutes of the Colony War's end, a massive battle occurred. Some families resorted into summoning monsters to either attack the colony directly or distract the defenders. A colony siege engine has been spotted as well! :D In the end, Merlion kept their colony despite the heavy damages it endured.

Colony siege at Pradera de Ceniza

Alright, let's list the results of the Colony War!

-Ferruccio Junction
-The King's Garden
-Porto Bello's Deserted Quay
-El Tejado Verde
-Bonavista River
-Lago Celeste
-Rio Aibi

-The Rion Prairie
-El Cannon de Diabolica
-The Old Port of Coimbra
-Ustiur Zona Uno
-Topolo Duruga

-Tne Tetra Hill
-Ustiur Zona Dos
-Scorching Plateau
-Via Fluvial

-Porto Bello's Desolate Cliff
-Pradera de Ceniza
-El Tierra Blanco

And for those who managed to snag one colony

Vatican - Jezebel Glen
Akatsuki™ - El Lago de Tres Hermanas

Looking forward to another Colony War!

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Update on Gracielo and more opinions on v2.1.18

Well, I did promise that I'd blog about Gracielo, so here's my end of the bargain!

When the business model was announced and after researching the premium item mall, I find the business model a fair deal. Looks like we can only expand our barracks, personal shop and warp slots by using G-Points to purchase the licenses we need for expansion. Since I have only one slot left, I decided to choose...


For his name, I chose "Celso" and it is also a random name generated from Behind The Name. It is also the same site that I generated a name for my M'Boma. Celso's name came from this following definition:

Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of the Roman family name Celsus, which meant "tall" in Latin.

Since Gracielo is Spanish but sounds Italian (his accent's like Mario from Super Mario Bros.) to me, this name was a fitting choice. Plus, Gracielo is tall!

After getting him, I decided to do his quest getting the Chapter of Wind stance book. After so much effort in doing the quest (because it will cause the player to play as Gracielo only), I finally got my Gracielo to learn the Chapter of Wind! Yay! :D

Okay, let me give my summarized opinions for the other features:

  • The Baron Items - I can't say much since I'm not from a PK server but I it would be cool to have some of the items. I also realized that the life of a Baron is definitely not for me!
  • Veteran Stances - If I reach level 100, I will consider buying a Veteran Recipe to gain such status.
  • Item Mall - I will buy the necessities (barracks, warp slots, items for Irawan) and costumes! I like to be a fashionista! :D
  • Forgotten Territory Pass - I'll pass that pass. Pun intended.
  • Andre's Costume Box - It's a gamble. It's either I sell my extras or take a chance in getting a free random premium item.
  • Glass Switchboard - Pretty nifty if I have glasses that do not correspond to my character's gender and class requirements. Saves me the burden from trying to get a compatible pair via a rare random drop. But I haven't gotten any glasses yet! :P
  • Anvil for Ring Destruction - There's a tiny chance I will use this, for I must value any ring that comes to my possession. Whether I have that skill or not, I'm keeping my rings.
Finally, I got that off my chest. Next update will cover my recent mission-going sessions with three other members of the RedSign faction to the Highway Level 2, Interchange Level 1, Trinity Level 2 and Spotlight Level 2 missions! :D Now, who were my companions?

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

My patience is being tested... again. (plus some updates!)

Before I continue on to jabber about v2.1.18 updates, I just want to let this out my chest. Even though I have recently leveled up, I'm beginning to get bored after grinding at PB The Hold. I decided to grind somewhere else and I did, for a short while. Thueringenwald isn't very fast to level up, based from my observation. I did a few Bison hunts and it was really slow. I loved the music there though. I also tried the Desolate Cliff but I got overpowered by the strong mobs that are resistant to ice and fire (those pesky spiders are really hard to battle!). My elementalist must switch buddies at this point, for I let Stephanie focus on fire among the three elements.

It's either I stay in PB The Hold until they're level 48 or I will risk it all at the Desolate Cliff.

In other news, I was able to finish my Escudo Pecher hunt from Alejandro via Trinity Level 2. I was able to survive attacks from those pesky Merman Chieftains and able to kill Escudo Pechers by my own hands. Of course, none of this was possible thanks to a faction mate who accompanied me while I hunted the Escudo Pechers while he defended the home base. I was even able to acquire Alejandro's card for finishing his final quest. Loby Dick is one huge Octopus! I let Alejandro take the glory since allied NPCs seem "invincible!" I was able to claim my Alejandro card as well.

Loby Dick up ahead!

Since the commercial phase is just days away, I have decided to fill my remaining free slot for Gracielo! Will talk about that on the next posts, okay? :D

Monday, 20 August 2007

Machinima? I know that word...

By reading this update from the sGE website, I really want to attend that event!

To enlighten you guys, here's what Machinima means (according from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia).

Machinima (pronounced [mə.ˈʃiː.nə.mə] or [mə.ˈʃɪ.nə.mə]), a portmanteau of machine cinema or machine animation,[1] is both a collection of associated production techniques and a film genre defined by those techniques. As a production technique, the term concerns the rendering of computer-generated imagery (CGI) using real-time, interactive (game) 3D engines, as opposed to high-end and complex 3D animation software used by professionals. Engines from first-person shooter and role-playing simulation video games are typically used. Consequently, the rendering can be done in real-time using PCs (either using the computer of the creator or the viewer), rather than with complex 3D engines using huge render farms. As a film genre, the term refers to movies created by the techniques described above.

I am familiar with such activity because not only do I watch machinima, I even made a couple of vids using The Sims 2! If you wanna check out my works, watch these vids I uploaded years ago:

How did you know by Chiqui Pineda

Machinima Demo

When that workshop comes to the Philippines, I am sooooo going to do my best to attend it!

Alright! I got a new video card!

I was able to replace my video card and I finally get to play GE once again! A lot of things has happened in the course of two weeks and boy am I really excited to share it right now!

First of all, I'd like to thank NineMoons for her Trivia Bonanza and Lady Veya for awarding me as the "Best Fanblog" for the Philippines. In participating in the events, I was entitled to a prize: "Divine Angel Wings!" That makes two of them as well! This is the first time I have ever won prizes from an MMORPG! I was really happy when I got informed that I won such items! Believe me, it's my very first time to win MMORPG events!

I started playing again in the last days of v2.0.9 (I did miss the 2x EXP rate) and I was so excited to upgrading to v2.1.18. When the day finally came (August 16, 2007), I was eager to start and I was able to claim my wings! :D Irawan's first instanced mission got crowded that I couldn't access it yet. But a day after, I was able to access it at the price of heavy lag. Looks like everyone wants a piece of the new RNPC. Understanding his quest, the main reason why he is considered a item mall/cash shop RNPC is because the items he will need (Soul Crystals, Hrin's Ampoule and Triumph Filler) are premium items only acquired from the Premium Item merchant. Although you will get these items at level 76, it is only half of what Irawan needs (10 of each).

For the other features, I will discuss them now. A new office in Coimbra opened and it is the Pegadilla. This serves as a Mercenary Office where I can enlist other characters that have undergone mercenary application and apply my character to be a mercenary. Looks like this is the "Character Trading Feature" that the game promised in the future. By the looks of it, I think RNPCs can become "Mercenaries for Hire" as well as the basic professions of the game.

In order for m character to be a mercenary, I need to:

  • Have a level 50 character
  • Must bring two family members alongside the mercenary applicant
  • The character must be fully unequipped
  • Have the premium item "Mercenary License" in my inventory
The mercenary character (now transformed into a card) will lose 20% of total EXP, so the character will de-level. I can now trade this character's card like an unused RNPC card. I like this feature but I doubt I'll be able to use it.

Now if I wanted to "hire" the mercenary to my family, all I have to do is to head for the Pegadilla and look for the Mercenary Officer. I need to have the mercenary (character) card with me and prepare 100,000 Vis as a fee of hiring the character. I can could also check the stats of the character and give him/her a name that I want. Looks like I have to be careful if I decide to buy a mercenary card. Having a space in the barracks is a must! :P

There are other features to discuss but I guess that'll have to wait! :D

My family