Saturday, 26 April 2008

Project A3

I may do a small machinima project as a demo for my new PC. It's also another goal I want to hit after reaching Veteran...

Project A3? What is it?

If you know who these are and what is it I'm trying to do, don't spoil it! I'll fill you in with details on future posts to come. Just enjoy the teaser image for the meantime...

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Still alive but no Internet!

Just posting to tell all of you that I'm still alive but I ain't got no Internet. Blame on my service provider although they've been "doing the very best that they can." I just got my new PC set up and ready for patching but this is what they do to me (and my sisters)?!?!?

Dammit. They better resolve the issue today (before maintenance) or I will definitely blow my head off for this! The reason why I don't have Internet because it was in the process of upgrading to a better and faster plan. Can't give you updates on current status of my family right now. This post is strictly for my disappointment with my current service provider. Want to know? I'll tell you if you can guess it correctly or if I get enough comments about this...

Monday, 14 April 2008

Dreamz and Fantazzies Fulfilled! (Part 2 of 2)

My fighter reaching veteran didn't stop there! Stephanie (Elementalist) and Sabrina (Scout) were on the road on reaching Level 100 too! Right after Marvin (Fighter) got promoted and learned the Advance Guard/Garde stance, I met up with gellardes and Colbourn once again to continue leveling up. It was a tedious task, with ocassional AFKs, deaths and resurrections. Well, I ended up sleeping through the night and I took the risk of going AFK big time.

Waking up the next morning, I continued on leveling without Colbourn but gellardes was still with me. I ended up teaming up with one of the Vongola Brothers and one of gellardes' friends in the process. After ocassionally AFK'ing to check on some websites, I finally did it. Stephanie and Sabrina have hit Level 100!!! If I were to use my fellow bloggers' happy statement, it would be "tambling sabay split sa ere." For those of you who are clueless about it, it's translated as "tumbling while doing a split mid-air." For the tambling/tumbling, we Filipinos consider it as the flips of a gymnast.

So excited, I was able to have Stephanie promoted. That's when I did the pic of my Fighter (more like me!) doing the Dance Pose. Remember newly promoted Veterans, you can get the 10th Pose Volume from Andre as long as you have a Veteran character in your current team when you speak to him! I left out Sabrina because I was advised not to promote her to Veteran just yet. I still need Sabrina to stay as the main medic of the family for her to assist the other two. Oh yeah, an event happened right after this happy moment! Here's my coverage as well!

I remember saving up for the materials I need for a level 100 costume for Elementalists because I took a chance in in buying 10 Andre Costume Boxes months ago and I got a couple of Mutation Elementalist Costumes and an extra Original Female Elem Costume in the process. Reading the recipe for the Rosa Matrimonia Costume (it's my super favorite for the Females!), I needed:
  • Elementalist Level 100
  • 1 Original Male Elem Costume*
  • 1 Original Female Elem Costume
  • 1 Robe of Wind Costume
  • 1 Mutation Elem Costume
  • 3 Triumph Fillers*
  • Level 100 Andre Janzur*
I took note of this recipe in my head so when that day ever came, I will just gather the other materials. The items I marked with an asterisk indicates that I didn't have those items yet on the day itself. However, when that day came, I was able to acquire the Original Male Elem Costume and the Triumph Fillers. Now I needed was a Level 100 Andre Janzur which I don't have yet! I remembered that when leveling up with gellardes, he was leveling up his Andre Janzur to Veteran. When I asked if he could craft me the costume, he told me to meet him at Auch. After giving the items to him, he gave me what I have longed for: Rosa Matimono Costume! Immediately when I got it, I wore over my Elementalist Le Blanc armor and wore the matching head piece. Never have a accomplished a feat so challenging... Indeed my dreamz and fantazzies have come true!

Rosa Matrimonio Costume! Is zis for real?!?

Bless the gellardes family for his support in making this dream and fantazzy come true! Well, that's all I got for now people! Hope you too will fulfill your dreamz and fantazzies! Oh yeah, what's this entry about without the Man in White himself as a dedication to his life's statement?

Dreamz and fantazzies can come true! Believe in yourself!

GM Garage Sale Event: Elite Armors for Sale!

First, a little intro from sGE's website:

After failing to foil the plans of Andre in promoting his newest fashion designs in Granado Espada, the [GM]s have came up with a 'counter-attack' plan. They are planning to buyout Hrin Ampules and organize a garage sale themselves! Will they successfully win this war against the flamboyant Andre Janzur?

Everyone wants Hrin's Ampules!

I wasn't myself aware of the event because all I did was reach level 100 for Veteran Status but upon hearing the broadcast of selling Level 68 Elite Studded-leather Armors for only 15 Hrin Ampules, I had to confirm that one!

The GM told us that they were at the "peak of Coimbra." I had to make a guess that it's that fountain spot in Port of Coimbra. It was confirmed and I made my way to see if there was indeed such event. Well, I was surprised that a lot of people have gathered to take advantage of the sale, while the auction went along.

Ah, the lovely GM Lithz

After confirming the event, I decided to grab myself some Hrin's Ampules in order take advantage of the sale. Good thing it was possible to buy more than one! I was able to snag a couple of these Level 68 Elite Studded-leather Armors. THis'll do good in leveling up my lower level characters so they have decent defense. The only disadvantage is not all of these characters are able to equip this armor but this'll have to do for now! :D

Boy, those Hrin's Ampules sell like hotcakes!

I decided to hang out until the end of the event to get you a coverage of this event. Now, I only focused in covering the Garage Sale part of the event, not the auction but there were some memorable moments that I wasn't able to take screenshots of:

  • The first item being sold for 606 Hrin's Ampules! Not bad for a great start...
  • One item (I think the Marionette Ring) being sold for 1000+ Hrin's Ampules!
  • An armor being sold due to a discrepancy
But, there was something that caught my eye:

They're dead serious about the auction! Bad player!

Looks like someone faked a bid and there is a price to pay! Let's take a look at the one of the FAQs of the event:

Q: So… what if I won the bid but I don’t have the premium items needed?

We recommend that you have the premium items in your inventory before the event starts. Once the winner of the auction has been declared, [GM]s will immediately summon you to do the trades! If you do not possess the number of Hrin’s Ampules that you used to bid for, the next highest bid will win the item, and you may be exempted from taking part in the rest of the auction!

Please take note that the [GM]s might impose a penalty on your account for faked bidding. Imagine not being able to chat for 12 hours, heh heh!

Remember guys, follow the rules for smooth and successful event! If you want coverage in all the bids that took place, feel free to visit the Corazon Del Leon's blog.

I decided to "advertise" by using the "!!" feature in informing players on what's happening in that area. Here's how it looks like:

Community advert. Help around!

There are also some families taking advantage of this event by selling Hrin's Ampules for vis! Want proof?

Opportunistic families taking advantage of the event!

Besides the crowded area, here's what I also saw:

Lucifer's Wings are the IN thing right now!

The event ended pretty well if you ask me. I was able to walk away with decent armors at a good price. Though the auction was kind of too much for some of us, at least they came up with something for people who have G Points but don't have enough to participate in the auction. Of course, those armors aren't easy to get from the monsters and the stats they promise? Hoho! Good luck spilling a lot Enchantment Chips for the stats they give! I hope they do things like these in the future for those who really need them.

Want more peektures? Click the link! But's here's a couple more...

Can you spot the three GMs?

It must be Lithz' perfume that's causing this to happen!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Dreamz and Fantazzies Fulfilled! (Part 1 of 2)

After 11 months of playing Granado Espda, it all came down to this...


Yes indeed. I have reached such a status and it is a FIRST FOR ME IN ANY MMORPG I HAVE EVER PLAYED! My biggest thanks to IAH Games, IMC Games, e-Games, Kim Hak Kyu, Takhisis Faction and my fellow bloggers for being with me during my whole journey in reaching level 100! Well, time for me to tell the tale on the day I have reached level 100/Veteran...

Right after I got home from work, I logged in and decided to AFK at Topolo Durga since I had a prior dental appointment to attend to. In the process, I decided to purchase a Pioneer's Level 80 Leather Armor for my Scout so she can live a little longer and the DEF rating was worth my money. After producing one of those armors, it'll be 12 High Grade Glaziums for the next one. I better watch what I make then... After the dental appointment, I had the chance to level up with Colbourn once again! As usual, we journeyed to the 1st Floor of the Skullic Dungeon. After time passed, I decided this would be a perfect opportunity to use my powerleveling kit! So, I bought 1 day Expert Manuals for both Combat and Tactics. I also bought my "1-day rental wing set."

Coming back at the site, Colbourn had teamed us up with a player from Malaysia by the name of gellardes. We had a good chat throughout the evening and he event commented that he liked the song "Anak" by Freddie Aguilar. Wow! It was really nice of him to appreciate that song because it reminds him of his childhood. Plus, he got to hear it in Malay! We chatted the night away while taking occasional AFK's and resurrections. What got me pumped is that by approximately 10PM, this is what happened:

Me? Veteran? Here's proof!

Yes. I can now wear that Le Blanc armor I won from the "Love, Me" contest, use them fancy equips I got from Adelina's Booty and I have the right to level past 100. Never in my life have I accomplished a long term goal in the world of online gaming. Once again, I thank IAH Games, IMC Games, e-Games, Kim Hak Kyu, Takhisis Faction and my fellow bloggers for being with me during my whole journey in reaching Veteran. I hope you guys are reading this and what I write is true.

However, I can't let my fighter be the only one reaching the top! My Elementalist and Scout are on the road to catching up! Watch out for part 2 to hear the rest of the story, okay?

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Part 3 of 3: e-Games Domination II Event: Awards, Secrets Revealed and a Dinner!


Alright, this is the best part of the event (for me, that is! :P). It's the much-awaited Faction Recognition and Granado Espada Philippines Community Hero Awards! I was able to snag both the titles of the Blogger and Filmmaker for this one.

This one's for the Filmmaking Award

Now the (whole) Philippines knows that I'm the voice behind Reclusion's movie, Le Blanc! At the request of Veya and Hrin, I did a live demonstration of my role of Andre Janzur! Looks like the crowd appreciated it to the max! Of course, I got this award along with NineMoons, Reclusion, Fiksdotter, Artaxerxes, deEspania, Familier, Mortreux, Fettuccini, Behringer, iCeZ, Kincaid, Weisswritter and Sigrid!

Yeah! The whole team! For the win, Philippines!

Since all of the FFA Grand Finale Winners were all from the Philippines, we were able to have an awards ceremony for all of the Grand Finale Winners! First up was the Pasta Team with their entry "Perdonato." Then, was Team Le Blanc with the film "Le Blanc" were I starred as Andre Janzur and Lastinka Inka Jerjer-Baks! Of course, our Grand Winner is none other than the Bloggers' Team with their winning entry "Not Another Love Story: Ze Musical!" Looks like Veya kept her promise that if a Philippine-based team won the Grand Finals, that team would win three Palit Video Cards courtesy of e-Games. That promise was fulfilled and those vid cards are hella powerful!!!

This one's for the Blogger Award

Now, we bloggers are too awarded for our continued effort to educate the community about Granado Espada through experience and research. I got this award along with NineMoons, Reclusion, Fiksdotter and Welling! Yay! For this one, Veya and Hrin bugged me to do another voiceover. This time, I did my role of Lastinka Inka Jerjer Baks but it didn't turn out pretty since it was the result of software engineering. Oh my! I revealed that I am the voice actor... For a female role?!?!?!? That's something I will discuss in the future! :D

Other awards included Colony War Correspondents and Faction Recognition. NineMoons has a better coverage of the event if you're interested to read about it. Oh yeah, Hrin invited the players for dinner with her! How could I possibly miss the chance?

Hrin in all her glory!

After the awards ceremony and such, me and some fellow bloggers decided to get some drinks since the Pepsi booth outside is totally out of drinks! We took the effort to head over to the nearest establishment (rather the department store) from the SMX Convention Center. We came back to wait until the event is over since we had to rendezvous at the GE Booth for the dinner with Hrin! To kill the time, I took the liberty of trying out the High Striker game on a nearby booth. My highest score was 925 Points and that includes me getting a headache because the hammer rebounded when I did my strike!

After the wait, we headed over to Pier One and finally had that dinner Hrin, along with the other VIPs from IAH Games! Their host ordered something for them to try: Balut! Earlier, we wanted Hrin to try out some Filipino dishes and we got the hint that she didn't want to eat anything exotic. Looks like their host decided to let our guests to give the balut a shot and we (the bloggers) were able to let Hrin have a taste. This is what happens next:

It's just culture shock. No harm done!

Well, at least some of us are happy that Hrin tasted balut already! Other people caught up with us and they were able to have dinner with us as well. Looks like Hrin here is an MMORPG player and has good knowledge about Granado Espada. When Reclusion asked about who are the 10 Nobles of Vespanola, Hrin told us to play the game to watch the story unfold. Looks like I gotta level up pretty soon to progress! I was also able to confirm that Leticia (the Premium Item vendor) is indeed her best friend!

It was getting pretty for some of us, so I decided to hit the road too! Well, thank you so much Hrin and it was an honor to meet you in real life! Now, I can die peacefully knowing that I have met a REALLY IMPORTANT PERSON in an online gaming community. Well, looking forward for great things from IAH Games and you are indeed a blessed person, Hrin. You must be an angel (or a goddess) sent from heaven... I'll will never forget this day.

Other of my fellow bloggers have posted about this event!

Artaxerxes: Domination II Fever!
Sigrid: E-Games Dom1nation: G.E. Aftermath!
Fiksdotter: Post E-Games Domination~Dominated!
NineMoons: [Picspam] Post-Dom1nation II, recap and review, part 1: Cosplay and Factions
NineMoons:[Picspam] Post-Dom1nation II, recap and review, part 2: FFA Winners, GE PH Community Heroes, and end
pCM Veya: Aftermath: e-Games Domination II
Reclusion: Domination II the D-DAY!

Lemme (and NineMoons) know if you have something to blog about this event! :D

Tired but happy! Me, Stiles and Reclusion

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Part 2 of 3: e-Games Domination II Event: Dragon Rides, The Community and a Quest!


insert witty comment about dragon riding

Whoooo weee! When I noticed a Mechanical Bull dressed like a dragon, I decided to dare myself to have an experience of riding such machine. I was able to the maiden ride on the Mechanical Bull/Dragon and I was preparing myself (and hoping that I won't thrown off!) to ride on it. All it took was thirty seconds tops and I survived the ordeal! Wow! Too bad the intensity wasn't that strong but I think I ended up breaking the wings of the dragon when I felt pulling sensation already! :P

We decided to have lunch outside of the SMX Convention center (Takhisis Faction) and we ended up eating at McDonald's. Man, that was a long walk but I had brought some Spaghetti to eat! After the lunch, we went back and I changed my shirt to blend in with my friends (not to mention all sweaty!!!).

Next, I was able to meet up with Stiles and his companion, RavusDimni. Wow! Our active player from the Northern Region of the Philippines was able to attend this big event! He registered up for Adelina's Booty - Live event and he proposed that I join his team. Well, since that's a requirement, I took it as a chance since the prizes are oh-so-good to pass!

Before I did the Adelina's Booty - Live event, I was able to come across Welling, Device, Southernsky, Xei, Colbourn (very brief!), Fettuccine, Mortreux and a whole lot of other players from Granado Espada! :D I didn't bother to join any PVP events because the reason why I attended the event in the first place was to be present for being a GE PH Community Hero! Yup! Thanks to this blog and my participation in the Fantazzztic Film Awards, I am recognized as one of the PH Community Heroes!

Moving forward, Stiles found me and told me that Adelina's Booty quest started. Now here's the details of our quest:

Quest no. 1: Advertising for Diego
Objective: Draw a faction emblem. Present it to the NPC and if it's approved, you can move on to the next quest.
Comments: Well, Stiles took care of the art while I poured in suggestions. We came up with a shield design with RavusDimni's name that Stiles came up with since speed and time was of essence. Looks like our design qualified and moved on to the next quest.

Quest no. 2: Helping out a new member
Objective: Create a new character in your account and have that character reach level 8. Report to the NPC once it is accomplished.

Comments: X-nay! Since the stations were too occupied, this quest has been removed from the list of quests that we are required to do.

Quest no. 3: Solve the puzzle
Objective: Assemble the puzzle pieces properly and present the solved puzzle to the NPC.
Comments: This was a long quest for us. All three of us had to work together in putting the pieces back properly. Good thing I brought some 3M Magic Tape along with me to affix the pieces together without the risk of the pieces flying away!

Quest no. 4: Strike a pose!
Objective: Head over to the fabphoto booth and take a pic of your group. Present it to the NPC after the the group shot.
Comments: I was full of guilt for this one! I gotta admit, we cut the line big time because of we used the event as an excuse. Fortunately, the booth operator (and the line) accepted our plea and let us had our photo taken. This was the end result:

A messed-up photo shoot!

Quest no. 5: Die-hard GE Fans!
Objective: Present two of any of the following GE Merchandise to finish this quest
  • GE Button Pin
  • GE Shirt
  • GE Limited Edition Box
  • GE Jacket
  • GE Tumbler
  • Forgot the others!
Comments: Showing two GE Button Pins was not enough to satisfy the quest. Fortunately, I presented my recently purchased LE Box and we passed the quest!

Quest no. 6: How to get G Points
Objective: Present a GVC, whether it is scracthed or unscratched.
Comments: RavusDimni finished it up real quick!

Quest no. 7: Living and loving GE
Objective: Write three sentences why you like about GE.
Comments: I took the chance to write about why we love GE so much. What I can remember is that I wrote about the community being great in GE and the uniqueness of the Multi Character Control system. What I wrote isn't just for the quest, I really put my heart into it since Granado Espada is the only MMORPG I have enjoyed with events and a big community.

After the quest, we were told that we accomplished everything and we'll just have to for the e-mail with the code for our prizes. Our prizes? Each of us gets to win an item of the month code and 20 AB Searches. Since we fully finished the whole quest, we were entitled to additional 50 more AB Searches and 5 more AB Searches for finishing first! That's a total of 75 AB Searches for all our effort! Thanks Stiles and RavusDimni! It was a great experience questing with you guys!

This ain't the end of it! I've saved the best for the last but it'll have to wait for the meantime! :P


Monday, 7 April 2008

Part 1 of 3: e-Games Domination II Event: The Morning Journey (and Woes)


Well, I woke up in morning and prepared myself for that day. Had a bath, checked my inventory and headed off to the SMX Convention Center which is part of the SM Mall of Asia. I took the LRT going there and I was able to get a ride to the SM Mall of Asia. The place seemed desolate but I had a feeling that the SMX is gonna have a long line! :P So, I walked from the North Wing then I passed by the Entertainment Mall, going past the Music Hall. By reaching the South Wing, I can see the SMX Convention Center. Well, looks like the line was shorter than at the Hataw Hanep 3 event that I last attended.

Me, WhiteShips, Fiksdotter and Reclusion

I was able to meet up with NineMoons, the Reclusion Brothers, Fiksdotter and Artexerxes, along with a couple of faction members from the Takhisis Faction! I met AlphaOmega (thanks for much for the tanking for my FIghter!) and WhiteShips (our Feng Ling cosplayer!) and both of them are members of the Takhisis Faction. When we got inside (well, not to the event proper) the building, we were still waiting for our turn to register. To my fellow bloggers' surprise, we all saw none other than the Community Manager Mistress Hrin!!! OMG!!! This was like the moment I've I mean, we've been waiting for all of lives in Granado Espada! After a brief introduction and chat, she had to go ahead already along with her companions from IAH Games.

The escalator to the event

After having our pre-registration forms and GVCs confirmed, we were told that it will be held at the second floor. Wow... I've never been to the second floor of the SMX Convention and that marks as another first in my life. We were totally surprised at the line that was waiting for us! Me and my companions were so flabbergasted on how the lines were sooooooo unorganized. It really made my morning headache (which I'm trying to ignore because of the happiness and adrenaline flowing in me) really worse. Some of us got lucky in getting inside earlier while the rest of us got stuck in the LONG AND SLOW LINE. What's worse, sometimes the line breaks up like hell! Well, the good thing there was no casualties.

What in blazes? What's going on? Where's the line?!?!?

After a total of three hours (yes, three full hours!) of waiting and whining, we finally got inside! Wow! This place has like a lot of screens to surely blind your eyes at the end of the day! I immediately went to the GE Booth and did "The Duel" activity! After that, Hrin made another appearance! Yay! Then, I decided to settle somewhere because of the tiring wait. Well, better stick around for the happy part of this report! Make that tomorrow. I'm work right now on the day I made this blog post! :P

Finally in! Happy group shot time!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Pre-event post: Getting prepped

Thanks to Reimaru/Blacksword Family's guide on going to events, I have take the liberty on preparing for this big day!

To start off, here's a list of items I'll be bringing with me:
  • Ball point pens
  • Paper
  • Pre-Registration forum
  • unscratched GE GVC
  • Pentel Pen
  • XXXX
  • Headphones (fashion statement)
  • Cellphone
  • Starbucks Tumbler
  • some Shirts
  • Hand Towel
  • Umbrella
  • Cap
  • An extra bag
  • Food
Okay, I'll be needing the pens for any instances I need to write down for registering for the event and other happenings (raffle, activities, etc.). Paper will be useful in taking down some notes like contact numbers or useful info. Of course, I need my pre-registration form and an unscratched GVC in order to register at the Express Lane. Pentel Pen? I want to get the siggies of my friends and a SPECIAL GUEST. XXXX? That's something too personal for me to disclose!

Well, other stuff is already self-explanatory and goes without saying. Oh, I must make sure my cellphone's fully charged for me to be able to make contact to friends and family. Since it's summertime here, I gotta be prepared in getting sweaty! :P

I'll make sure I get to post about what will happen at the Domination II event of e-Games. Hope this'll be a good one ever since the Intel Machinimasia Movie Making Workshop and POGS 2008.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Getting help from the faction

Well, I made progress in leveling up my characters. There are some who made it to level 52 while the main team's in a mix of levels but at least I was able to get some good EXP.

Getting help from a faction mate

When my faction leader told me to meet a fellow faction mate for powerleveling, he advised that I bring one character for the spot. I decided to bring my fighter for this task. All I just did was arrive at the spot and left my fighter there to sit and wait while the other member was busy fighting off the mobs. I was able to AFK peacefully since that faction mate will take care of the rest.

When I came back to check on my fighter, I was surprised to see progress! I leveled up by 2 with a little more to 95! He had to leave now because he had other characters to level up. I respected that decision and let him be.

The Skullic Dungeon is hectic, even for two families!

On the day before maintenance, I was able to meet up with another faction mate at the Skullic Dungeon 1st Floor. Instead of AFK all the way, I was able to give my fullest attention to my family while we both grinded for more than 5 hours. There was a moment where that pesky Skullic Leader appeared and nearly owned us! When I realized I was using a sword and a shield, I used the High Guard stance and took advantage of my blocking ability to survive while my faction mate kept the boss' cronies at bay. With some perseverance (and a lot of Healing Potions to boot!), me and my faction mate were able to defeat it! That was one experience I can't forget! Well, the only bad part during this whole process is that my scout gets totally owned by the mobs. Those pesky Skullic Lancers use their Harpoon skill that it annoys me! Plus, it can even hit ground targets!

Whew! To top it all up, my Fighter is at 95 and both the Elementalist and Scout are at 93. Just a little more and I'll be a Veteran before my 1-year anniversary! :D Oh yeah, goodbye Premium Buff! At least the GVC Boost Promo is still there! :P

Oh darn! I'm so excited to attend this event!

My family