Saturday, 30 June 2007

Had a fun time with missions!

It's them items that summon up a statue and take you on an instance map with other families (if they join too). I joined because they say it's faster to finish the Escudo Pecher Hunt Quest at the Trinity Level 2 Mission. Well, it was fun playing along side my faction mates from RedSign. Whenever we kill an Escudo Pecher, a kill doesn't get registered. Does it mean I have to kill one by myself at the Porto Bello? I could kill one myself, but I'm not that fast to kill it. Plus, we failed one time because we didn't defend the base! (-.-;)

To relieve some stress, I invited families to participate in Interchange Level 1 missions since I had a good number of them. We failed twice but we won a couple of times. On the second try, we finished it in 5 minutes tops! We were able to destroy the enemies' bases since we are overleveled. But if you ask me, it's the right level because the spawns are Phobitan Chieftains, Castors and Polluxes! No wonder why I screwed up in my first attempt! :P

I can officially say that this is my first time participating in missions like these. The rewards were good but the best one was the Blacksmith's Cap! Yay!

That's all for now, ladies and gents. I'll go try to hunt more Escudo Pechers! :P

Friday, 29 June 2007

I must update!

Okay, here's the update on how my family is doing:

-recently learned Doublegun Stance
-currently in party

-will be using at PB The Deck

-still taking a rest

-taking a rest after leveling up

-still taking a rest

-recently leveled up and taking a rest

-current field medic

I hate it when I get pummeled by a bunch of Scarlet Claws at Porto Bello. Well, I'll do my best to get everyone's levels up so we can move on deeper inside the Porto Bello and maybe finish Adelina's Grim Task! :P

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

An imposter at Carracci?

A possible accusation but I am assured this is not the NineMoons I know! Better watch out for this one... Anyways, I am reduced to just doing hunt missions to keep the game a bit less boring. Hey, at least I get to have a reward for all that grinding! :P I finished Idge and Brunie's quests already and it was really nice to check the Grim Reaper, even if it was easy to defeat. The two quests in my list right now involved Gracielo (sorry, I'll add him when the family expansion arrives!) and Adelina (need two more skulls but in deeper inside the Porto Bello).

EDIT: Looks like this isn't really NineMoons. He had a good reason why this family used the name. May look like variation but that "Ninemoonsss" Family gets asked if he's really the NineMoons Family as well. I'll leave the origins of his name to your curiosity and imagination.

I'm going to add labels in my posts so you can track on what you're looking for. I have failed to see it's advantages but I'm doing my best to label my posts.

I hear the Granado Espada Philippines Webste is gonna be launching soon! They've got contests and I hope my flash comic/s qualify! :D Well, better get adventuring!

My dearest regards to the Eternal Faction, for I have left them in seeking a faction that has a good amount of active members.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Is it getting boring or it is really getting slow?

I have now transfered to Porto Bello The Deck in pursuit of training and grinding better. It seems kinda slow and really hard to keep up since the mobs there pack a punch (not to mention crowded). My spellcasters (Wizard and Elementalist) cannot survive rapid mob hits. Also included is Lisa and Musketeer.

Well, looks like I'm in the part where this game will test my patience. I hope I can hold on to this virtue:

"Good things happen to those who wait"

Oh yeah, I decided to AFK because V for Vendetta is showing at HBO Asia in cable TV. I come back periodically to check on my characters and to my surprise a Level 64 Joaquin Comodo has been lured there! There's no way I could kill it in any possible way. Maybe my ATK rating is REALLY lower than it's DEF rating. Well, those anti-AFK'ers are up to their antics again.

Remember, remember, the 5th of November...

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Should I be a Colony War correspondent?

Although I was informed that the Colony Wars will be postponed, there was a notice that they'll be doing an ad-hoc Colony War! The results will be wiped out after maintenance and everybody can participate as normal. The only info I can dish out is this:

Colony War results

Let's see if I can do a count on who got how many Colonies...

For those that acquired more than one colony:

  • El Tejado Verde
  • The Rion Prairie
  • The Old Port of Coimbra
  • Topolo Durga
  • Scorching Plateau
  • Ferrucio Junction
  • Porto Bello's Deserted Quay
  • Lago Celeste
  • El Canon de Diabolica
  • Ustiur Zona Uno
...and for those who acquired just one colony:

Renaissance - The King's Garden
RedSign - The Tetra Hill
Sentinels - Jezebel Glen
Escudo - Porto Bello's Desolate Cliff
ZerO - El Lago de Tres Hermanas
Family - Bonavista River
HuntOrHunted - Pradera de Ceniza
Vendetta - Rio Albi
ScarletRose - El Tierra Blanco

I hope I didn't miss out on anything. Sorry if I didn't keep track on who waged war with each other. Maybe when it's official, I'll try to take note.

And for the record, Porto Bello is becoming dangerous! Be forewarned in the risks of encountering a Thoracotomy or a Sabel Tiger!

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Experiences at the 6th Philippine Toy Convention

Okay, the reason why this is GE-related it's because there were events held for Granado Espada. First, meeting the Philippine team then meeting NineMoons! :D

Of course, they included events such as "Highest Level First" and "Pioneer's Trivia" but I wasn't able to witness both of them. What I did witness is a PVP event pitting against other National Region Champs. Boy, did they have a taste of the veteran life as they were using special accounts in a private server (provided by IAH Games, of course) with six Veteran Level characters. The choices were a Male Fighter, Female Musketeer, Female Wizard, Female Elementalist, Male Scout and Emilia the Sage. That's right! They got a chance to use the Emilia the Sage, VERY DIFFERENT FROM THE EMILIA GULIANO YOU RECRUIT IN THE GAME!!! Emilia the Sage still has First Aid but has Pyshokenesis, ESP, Incantation and Levitation, making her mostly a Wizard. This "Emilia the Sage" is actually available from the Item Mall/Cash Shop but we're still in Open Beta! However, her name is spelled out "Amelia the Sage." :P Also, the equipments are for Level 100's and ALL OF THEIR STANCES ARE LEARNED AND MAXED OUT! Talk about sneak peeks!

In the end, Team Cebu got the chance to represent Team Philippines. Be went up against familes Five, Six, Seven and Eight (yes, the family names where numbers). Plus, GM Tohkal (did I get that right?) appeared before the Philippine Team to create the rooms. We ended up losing in two rounds and we will have to wait for Lady Veya to give us the announcements. But there was never a loss for me. If you ask me, it was a great chance to see some skills that we would obtain in the future! Let's keep our heads up now and see brighter opportunities waiting for us in the land of the New World.

Now, I shall go play Granado Espada. I finished my Gracielo's Quest (at Levels 30, 31 and 33!) and let's hope NineMoons shares her view on this event. I know she'll have a better coverage of the event.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Emilia Guliano's venture in the New World

Yup! That's the title for my flash comic project! And the wait is over!

Be nice to my bandwidth, okay? It's roughly around 5 MB and it's being downloaded from

Please post reviews via comments or replies to this GE Thread:

Happy viewing!


If you can't view it yet, please wait. I just uploaded it! :P

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

What a day...

After recovering from a sickness and doing a work-at-home job, I managed to get myself into GE once again. I have finally "finished" my Siegmund quest and this is what I got:


Some reward. I was eying (eye-ing) out for the ring I saw. Well, it couldn't be helped. At least I did a somewhat ridiculously hard quest, even if I spent some Vis to some lucky people. I'll just collect vouchers for anyone else who wants one. Also, I am now grinding at the Tetra Golden Road now! Visages, Reapers, Nevares and Jumeau Plaques; here I come!

In my quest progress, I managed to get Grace's card! I also did Nunez' quests involving protecting the Coimbra Nimrod Bridge and defeating some Grave Robbers at the Tetra Ruins (instance). Vespanola is plotting something? I better check to see where my loyalties should now lie in the New World.

Time for some details:

Grace Bernelli Quest:
  • I was able to beat Grace with Sabrina (Doblada Corte Scout), Stephanie (Possession Fire Elementalist) and Joanne (First Aid Emilia Guliano). That "Armas Merendi" skill packs a punch while shotguns really give out spread damage. Though I've been hearing from the forums that shotguns (maybe in general?) are not good against mobs but effective against duels, especially when the opponent uses "Select All Mode."
  • Part 2 of the quest seemed challenging. I had to fight the Treasure Golem located at the Tetra Catacombs. I used Samantha (Freestyle Shot Musketeer), Sandra (Psychokinesis Wizard) and Joanne (First Aid Emilia Guliano). The Treasure Golem's "Atomic Stomp"-like attack is a killer! No one in my family can survive that! When Sandra and Joanne got knocked out, Samantha was able to finish the Treasure Golem using "Triple Firing." On the nick of time!
  • Part 3 of the quest was exciting since I had Grace on my side. When I screwed up on the first run, I thought I had to journey back all the way to the door. Thank goodness I respawned in front of the door. For my second attempt, I engaged the Treasure Golem and defeated it (with Grace's help). After that, I went after Cherlyn. But Cherlyn's attack were too much for me and it cost Samantha and Sandra's life! As Joanne, I had to keep avoiding the monsters. But Grace was able to finish off Cherlyn for me! :P
Siegmund Quest

  • I bought my last voucher (Room 10) for 25,000 Vis with 5 Nevare Ambers to show my appreciation to winstalker. As you can see, that's my reward.
  • Akuzihs gave me Room 1 voucher but I gave her 10,000 Vis as compensation. Also, she came as Catherine! I'm looking forward in getting a Catherine!
  • Looks like my incantation habits isn't working anymore... :( Well, at least it'll be a bit less nosier in the chat! :P
Wow! A lot to share! Well, I'll finish up the flash comic during the long, semi-2-day maintainance because we're going Open Beta (not Pre-Open Beta anymore!)!

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Down with the sickness

Man... I'm down with the sickness and I couldn't feel well for a game or two. I better recover if I can continue finishing the flash comic and play GE.

Feel free to share your thoughts as well... :P

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Am I crazy or does it work?

Good thing the lag issue seems to be resolved. The lag I experience now isn't severe, so I should be very thankful. On to the topic...

I really admit that I do hunt Siegmunds ever since I defeated my first one at the Tetra Catacombs. There is something that really bothers (and turns me crazy) about "getting" a Siegmund. Everytime I feel like taking on a Siegmund, I either talk to "myself" saying to Siegmund to come out or put a motto on each of my characters dictating I want to fight Siegmund. So far, 75% of my attempts in doing such act actually works! Call me crazy but ever since that, I've been doing these chants or incantations for the Siegmund to heed my call. My latest escapade was at room number 7 of the Tetra Catacombs:

"Come out, Siegmund!"
"For I shall have your head!"
"Come out, Siegmund!"
"Are you afraid of me, Siegmund?"*
"I shall avenge every families' death caused by your hands!"*

After a few seconds, a Siegmund appeared! After kicking it's butt with Marvin (Fighter, Plow-guard), Sandra (Wizard, Psychokensis) and Sabrina (Scout, First Aid), I got the fruit of my labor: Tetra Catacomb Voucher 7!

Well, I still have a long way to go!

But before that, I decided to kick the butt of Siegmund No. 11 (I didn't know it when the player who slew Siegmund got the voucher) and someone else joined on my attempt to kill it. I kinda felt disappointed but he offered to give it to me. When I couldn't get the voucher, I thought the voucher was forever bound to that family. Then I realized, that was voucher no. 11! I already had that. So, I apologized to the family and I hope he/she feels the same. After kicking SiegmundNo. 7's butt, I helped someone kick Castor's butt (or was it Pollux?) at the price of Sandra getting KO'ed and me distracting the miniboss.

As for the story, I will continue it either tomorrow or tonight. Can't rush it, for I have other things in life other than Granado Espada.

*these responses have been grammatically corrected, for my sake

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Bad lag much, la?

Hmmm... Yesterday morning was completely fine but when I tried to play last night, I experienced a nasty lag spell ranging from delayed/late skill executions and long "pauses" until the end result appears in a few seconds.

I was at the Tetra Catacombs doing my hunting obligiations with Samantha, Stepahnie and Joanne. God, when the "long pauses/delay" lag hit me, my family was sure to get owned by the monsters lurking. Since the lag annoyed a number of users, a part of the map seems desolate of families and lots and lots of monsters are densed into rooms, intersections and corners. I did not risk to venture in further, for I will get annoyed and cornered if I do so.

But this is the Pre-Open Beta Test, people! It is our job to report such issues to improve the service at the official launch and in the long run. Sure, I could curse during lag sessions but it's still the POBT. I'll only curse if this happens often on the official release! :P

Some thoughts here and there, I won't be able to play today because I'm obligated to attend a swimming party. Hey, I too need the sunshine, you know! Can't be stuck all day in this PC! :D

As for my flash comic, I'm working on Chapter 5 now. Just need to incorporate the screenies to the flash project and add the text balloons. I'm off now!

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