Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A dead end...

After doing all those leveling up (and with my new department in the call center industry), I have run out of goals and motivation to continue on. All because I couldn't finish certain quests on my own two feet.

First things first. The Katovic Snowfield is ridiculously hard to traverse solo. Why? Those boxing beasts have really high HP and they keep uppercutting when they get the chance. Plus, the area where I am supposed to activate the next quest has monsters roaming around. Absolutely no chance to surviving on my own.

Plus, I got frustrated on my own stupidity about the dungeons in the Capybara/Toubkal Mines. Sure, who would expect me to go on raids? I volunteered and I literally screwed myself. That prompted me to question myself whether I am a team player or not. At this point, I AM NOT TEAM PLAYER AND/OR PVP MATERIAL.

To get this depression away from me, I had to leave the faction I had trusted for so long. It's not that I hate everyone, it's because you can't get enough help these days. Well, looks like my past was easy to achieve with some help but these times are TOO DIFFERENT. This is where I face a dead end in my existence of Granado Espada.

Treat this as a rant, treat this as a whine, treat it WHATEVER YOU LIKE.

Oh by the way, looks like updates are coming in too soon. I still HAVE A LOOOOOOONG WAY TO GO.

Is this it? Grinding crafting characters to level 100? A dead end?

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Leveling my main team

Decided to see how fast would it be if I level up my main team in the Ancient Territory dungeon. So, I prepped up Marvin (Male Fighter), Stephanie (Female Elementalist) and Sabrina (Female Scout) for trip to the Ancient Territory of the Skullic Dungeon. Of course, this will be a powerleveling session, so I got another Pet Bonding Package for my Broomy to help while getting all the EXP Boosters.

It's raining ice!

As Veterans, I was better off fighting level 102-105 mobs in that place. Well, I wasn't just leveling them up, I wanted to improve their stances althogether. Although I tried, I only have one last stance left to maz out for my Scout, Esgrima. That will come in a future time, though. Moving on, I was able to max out Marvin's Stave Guard (I think it's better calling it Stab Guard) and Stephanie's Domination Lightning. Running out of stances to level up, I checked out Marvin and Stephanie's skill windows. At this point, I am driven to get the Domination Ice stance for Stephanie while I pursued a stance that fighters normally shouldn't use: Pistol Shot stance!

While taking a break from grinding, I prepared the Domination Ice stance book and began to level up the Evocation Ice stance to meet the requirements. Once the level has been reached, I immediately learned it and got busy. I am impressed what Domination Ice had to offer and all Domination stances are indeed strong. Of course, I had to "borrow" the Elite Beam Gun that Samantha (Female Musketeer) was using for Marvin to master the Pistol Shot stance.

AFK grinding with this team is okay but if left alone for too long, disaster may strike. So far, I have gained at least 42%-45% EXP for everyone during the leveling period. I have to say that this may be slow or it's the best that anyone can. Well, I think I have to blame it on leveling stance but I don't want the EXP to be wasted, is all.

I look forward to another grinding session with my mains so I can reach Expert soon! :D Catch y'all later!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

What to expect from Granado Espada V3.2

For a mere 95 MB, I'd say that this major patch is relatively the smallest amongst the updates I've downloaded in my career in Granado Espada. But nevertheless, major things are going to be added to this newest expansion and out of the three new features, two of them only caught my appeal.

Team Arena!

Stolen shot from Hrin's blog!

Based from what I have read, this new PVP type feels like playing an advanced Warcraft 3 map that's designed for each player to defend their bases from waves of attacks and to defeat the opposing force, just like the famous "Defense of the Ancients (a.k.a. DotA)." It'll involve killing to earn coins to get buffs to the edge over the opposing force and summon bosses to defend your base. Nothing much to say. I'm not a big fan of PVP because I am usually the first one to die (when sent as a front liner).

New Pets!

Stolen pics from Hrin's blog again!

Two new pets will be arriving and they sure are promising! The Pigling (the pig, obviously) has a better item retrieval rate and range compared to the Pilfurr but its activity rate runs out quickly. Well, the price of accelerated abilities (not to mention its a pig, so itt eats a lot!). Of course, the Pan Pan has caught my charms and it's gotta be a useful pet in a unique way! According to this blog, it gives a special buff that stacks on top of EXP and Item Rate manuals. How's that as an added bonus! Of course, I need to be able to check them out myself to see them to believe (and review) them!

Combination Buff!

A stolen shot from this article!

Known as the MCC Buff from kGE, we're finally getting this feature which allows the player to experience a special buff when a combination of characters are used in the field. I did write something about it but it's best you check out this article instead!

I can't wait to some of the Combo Buffs that I can make! I'll make a new post in Combo buffs and my personal opinion on each! Remember to download the patch and get it ready!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Domination 3: The Dinner (Part 3 of 3)

Well, after the whole event (the Singapore trip raffle results were not announced), we have all decided to eat at Taste Asia, which is located on the North Wing of the SM Mall of Asia. I went for some sisig and a bottle of lemon iced tea.

We talked the night away almost any topic that we could think of. Little Nate kept poking me because he wants his special treat from me. Actually, he kept nudging me about before the event until I finally gave in gave him what he wanted. This resulted in a long trip to the establishment where his cravings started and I got him some... Maybe a good amount... Dozen? :P

We went back and it was finally time to say goodbye and I am very thankful of what happened on that day. I am very thankful that I have seen some of my friends once again and gained new ones in the process. Well, I hope I can attend another GE related event! :D Catch ya later, folks!

After event dinner gathering!

They say that NineMoons came over but she had to leave early. exebolt stated that he also attended but it's either I didn't see or notice him at all... Also, there was supposed to be another contest but it got canceled due to time restraints.

Domination 3: The Festivities (Part 2 of 3)

I got inside the event and I went straight to the Granado Espada booth and the first person I bumped was none other than Darrick! Yay! It's been ages since I've seen him that I was so thrilled! Checking out the booth I was able to see that a competition was going and PVP regular Welling was there (as usual)! Good thing I brought my O RLY? hat with me and I did get some attention! :D

Look at that smirk!

The CM of the Philippines and Nate (Darrick's little bro) were busy watching over the PVP event. Seeing CM Aetherin and Nate working was a sign that the phGE community is getting involved in the activities. Of course, who could forget Reimaru/Blacksword as he was very active in keeping us updated (along with Patronum)! This Patronum lady happens to be an Internet Cafe owner. Wow... It's really amazing to see such a person attending this event, as its also a sign that iCafe owners are getting involved as well.

Nate and CM Aetherin facilitating the event

Although I missed a number of events, I was able to try a "live Adelina's Booty Search" right by the registration booth for Granado Espada. I just rolled the dice and all I got 20 ABS searches. Better try my luck now, I guess... Cosplaying was also happening at the same time but I was able to check out the Female Wizard and Female Elementalist cosplayers when they hanged out at the GE booth. The Female Wizard was wearing the maid costume while the Female Elemtalist was wearing the La Ventistica dress (with matching LOE Bracelet!).

Maid and La Ventistica ladies

After the whole PVP event, I just wandered around and checked out the GE booth, waiting for more familiar faces to arrive. Presea was able to show herself there and I was thrilled so much she was shocked to see me react as well! She noticed the hat I was wearing and wanted to try it out! Also, I bumped into a good friend of mine, Fiksdotter! I missed him so much I hugged and carried him!

CM Aetherin called out attention because we were going to have some awarding ceremonies and a raffle! With the help of Nate, CM Aetherin awarded the Best Fanart, Best Faction Banner and the winners of the ClubGE event. This is a sign already the there are Internet Cafes using the Premium Buff! Also, we had a raffle because 16 Limited Edition Boxes were at stake. I was hoping to win one to sell it off but to no avail! I was able to spot Stiles from the crowd and he told me he was there all the time, didn't realize it was me behind my O RLY? hat! :P

Nate and CM Aetherin on the podium

We had a great time and I decided to stay until the end of the event. Looks like they didn't reveal the result of the winner to the trip to Singapore raffle. After some discussion, we ate at Taste Asia, the same place I had dinner after the Black Party celebration months ago.

Domination 3: The Journey (Part 1 of 3)

As an attendee of the Domination 3 event, I have to blog as a way of sharing how wonderful my experience was before, during and after the event.

To start off, I shall discuss how I got to the event and the plans I had to get there.

Original Plan:

If it weren't for my faulty assumption of my schedule, my plan would have gone like this.
  • Get up in the morning
  • Head to Mall of Asia real early (like 8:00am)
  • Attend gym at Fitness First
  • Shower up afterward
  • Leave stuff at the locker
  • Head over to the SMX
  • Have fun
  • Get bag from Fitness First locker before it closes
  • Whatever goes after the day
Revised plan:

The revised plan is simple: GET TO THE SMX CONVENTION CENTER AS SOON AS I LEFT WORK. PERIOD. Sure, I took a taxi to get the most out of the travel time and I was so giddy in meeting my friends, at the same time worried that I may miss more events. Upon arrival at the SMX convention center, I am shocked to see a crowd still trying to get inside! It took me at least two hours to haul myself in side but overall, I am impressed on how they controlled the flow once you have arrived inside the building itself. Outside was like hell but inside was a smooth flow. Looks like it's even better than last year!

As I submitted my pre-registration form, I finally entered the event and darted straight for the Granado Espada booth.

My family