Thursday, 27 March 2008

Level 92... That was kinda tiring...

Whew... I finally made it to level 92 for the mains. I tell you, reaching this level was such a tiring job but looks like I pulled it through. Right now, I feel drained to focus on leveling my main team because of work. I heard that the Premium Buff will be extended. First the GVC Boost Promo, now the Premium Buff? What more could I expect from IAH Games? More titles? I don't know! :P

Woah... There are other things happening at sGE right now! Let's see... First a Premium Item Package with four types of boxes coming at five pieces each. Then, the 21st episode of the sGE comic (with our ever lovable idiotic fighter) and an event in the Philippines that I have to make sure I CAN attend.

Back to the topic, my head is killing me right now with all the boring moments of catching up. I was able to kick the butt of a Frozen Megalosaurus and Zona Quatro of Ustiur is getting really hard! :P I can hit them biggie dinos but looks like it's too much for me! :P Looks like I still have to hang out at Skullic Dungeons for the meantime. Maybe Topolo Durga is also a good idea to level. Man, I better get make a final decision on where to go next. Well, I'm planning to add more characters in my barracks soon and level the rest to 80. To make sure I'm still on the path of leveling stances, I managed to get a couple of Lancelot's Arondight swords and an Undead Protector shield. For the Elementalist, I'm stuck using fire since I got pretty much used to it and my Scout's too stuck in both healing stances.

With fellow bloggers being blogspotted twice, looks like I gotta come up with something really interesting and worth reading... Maybe putting a pic of the Spinosaurus and giving my experience about it (soon!) because there are some players who would want a Romina for their barracks.

Well, thanks for taking the time for reading this blog. I'm two months away from my 1 year anniversary! :P Time for a little nap... My head!!!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Rainbows and sunshines: Community

Sure, I may be disappointed that I didn't hit level 92 for the main team for this day off. But there was something that made it worthwhile: Being with my friends in Granado Espada.

The first instance:
When NineMoons (fellow faction member!) went online, I asked if she needed assistance in leveling up. At first, she told me DeSanggria would be helping her out. I told her that I will join them once I hit level 90. Keeping that promise, I prepared to come in only as Catherine. I got an update that Fiksdotter is online and he's went online via Reclusion's PC. Looks like he's spending his vacation over at their place now, as what Reclusion did before that. Anyhoo, I arrived bringing some equips to NineMoons and I asked if I could squad up with Breviary and Fiksdotter. Since they didn't need me, I just stayed and gave my gifts to NineMoons. However, that wasn't all of the stuff I wanted to give to her. So, I decided to check my vault on what I can do not just to help NineMoons but to help my vault from exploding! Well, I gave a bunch of armors and a few weapons to help our lady blogger get a great start in Carracci.

Friends helping out a fellow player/blogger

When I arrived, it has come to my attention that Fiksdotter tends to alternate between Fiksdotter himself and the Reclusion Brothers. When Fiksdotter saw me (as himself), he sent the squad invite and I accepted it without any second thought. Knowing I was sharing EXP, I had to do my part and kill some monsters to help speed the process. While we were helping out NineMoons, she did a little update. When DeSanggria put up her "Queen of Vespanola" statement, that's when I was surprised that she was with us! :P It was really nice to get along with friends that I've met in real life. NineMoons had to go since she other matters to attend to. Well, it was worth my time! :D

I really need a makeover!

This ain't over yet! Remember I was ranting that I didn't get to AFK properly at Topolo Durga? Well, something better happened when my powerleveling kit expired! :P

The second instance:
There were three members online (not including me and others) that were hanging out at the Tetra Ruins Forgotten Territory. I asked if I can join. Yes I could, just bring characters appropriate for that level. After taking time on who to bring, I came as Clint (Jack the Engineer), Verena (Female Auch Infantry) and Cristobal (Ramiro). When I arrived to join, they were a really friendly bunch. It was kind of boring at first, since we just leveling at a small spot. However, I decided to "expand our coverage" building cannons outside of the range of the wards these guys set up. Things heated up when I was rebuilding some cannons in one end of the spot and then a family complained that I was stealing kills from him. Well, to solve that problem, I decided to build a fortress in the opposite end. When I destroyed all my structures to set up a fortress, this is when a window popped up saying I am reported as a bot!

Can you spot my cannons? Can ya? Can ya?

The nerve! I was able to prove my innocence and that family who accused just plain played dirty. Since I had my faction mates with me, they decided to overpower this family because of the response I received. After a few minutes, that family just left the scene. Wow! That was one way to start the morning. A Deputy Faction Leader then chatted with us and NineMoons was online again! We had a great discussion about many things in GE. Looks like I enjoyed this session at the FT along with the other three faction mates with me. We were able to wrap up since the servers had to go through maintenance and will be shut down.

These two experiences really made my day because I was around a community that supports each other and knows how to have a good time. Thanks guys, it really put a smile on my face even though I didn't reach level 92 this time.

My "Thank You" shout outs:

NineMoons: Supreme Lady Blogger
DeSanggria: Queen of Vespanola
Reclusion: Legendary Movie Director
Fiksdotter: Undisputed Movie Writer
The Takhisis Faction
IAH Games for the Premium Buff testing! Freebies were great but the buff was way better!
IAH Games for the extension of the GVC Boost Promo! Yes. That means extra G Points and E. Boosters for me!

That's all for now for this week! Hope to experience progress both in GE and in work! :D


At Your Own Risk: AFK

Well, this isn't of my day off experience! Since I need level up to 100/Veteran before the next Colony Wars, I ended up going to the Joaquin Prison Forgotten Territory with my powerleveling kit still enabled. Of course, I stayed at Zone 4 since it was the highest level it can accommodate me. With the Premium Buff still enable for everyone, it was kind of laggy since there are people who took advantage of it. As much as I wanted to get my butt off the chair, I had to stay behind because of doing AFK (Away From Keyboard) I will get killed and therefore, no EXP.

I did my best alleviate the boredom by talking to friends in GE. One of them would be Device where we discussed many things. Also, Southernsky was there but only for a few replies. When I saw NineMoons going online, I asked if she needed some help in leveling up. She kindly appreciated my offer but I had to level up first 90 before I can be available. When did reach level 90, I came to her spot as Catherine. Looks like she's accompanied by Breviary and Fiksdotter. Okay, let's skip this part first because my main focus for this post is a rant: AFK!

As the night came closer, I really need to AFK because I do want to sleep. Around 8-9PM Southernsky advised me (after some talking here and there) that I should AFK at Topolo Durga. I tried to out and the mobs seem weak, even if they're at level 98 and above. I left my main team and slept the night away...

Waking up at 2AM, I checked to see how they were doing. They were dead and they didn't get much EXP. With my powerleveling kit still in effect, I tried doing another AFK session. After hours later, I only gained 5% EXP. I did attempt to AFK but it involved my Feng Ling 4x, Lorch 5x and Emelia 6x at the Porto Bello Forgotten Territory some time ago. I AFK'ed them and I saw no problem in them surviving, even for just a nap (more like more than a nap!). Looks like AFK'ing in high levels is very dangerous now.

Well, looks like I need some help reaching level 100/Veteran before the month ends. I'll try my luck to be able to get some more support from my friends and faction mates. Well, wait for the next post because there are some rainbows and sunshines that occurred during this day off...

The Prison de Joaquin Forgotten Territory: Laboratory Block

Ferruccio's Legacy... Does it exist?

I logged in around 6PM last Tuesday, March 18, 2008. I already bought my powerleveling kit (which consists of Expert Combat Manual, Expert Tactics Manual, one pair of Lucifer Wings and two pairs of Devil Wings) before that day. However, I didn't want to use it now and I decided to level around at Zona Tres of Ustiur. However, sleep was catching on me so I decided to AFK until I woke up the next morning. Since I got used to my shift schedule, I woke up around 2AM and saw my family dead after a few seconds of sitting in front of the PC.

The Colbourn Family was online and I asked if he could accompany or tank for me. He was in the middle of his quest to get Bone Sarira and he let me join him. I arrived at the Skullic Dungeon 1st Floor and met him there. We had a few hits here and there but I able to finish my Bone Sarira quest. However, there was a part 2 of that quest! After (painstakingly) collecting 50 Bone Sariras for the Crystal Skull of the 1st floor, he told me that I'll be on another quest finding another Crystal Skull on the 2nd Floor and triggering a requirement of 150 Bone Sariras! Woah! I thought it ended already!

Anyway, Colbourn Family was kind enough to accompany me through this quest. We had to part when he was able to finish his quest earlier. He did come back to help me finish it. By the time I finished the 150 Bone Sarira part of the quest, I got to see none other than Montoro Viscount himself! I was accompanied by Romina who tried to bring him down but she got beaten up badly. As Montoro was about to finish her off, Grandice came to the rescue! With my assistance, Romina and Grandice were able to drive Montoro away. Looks like this won't be the last time I'll meet Montoro...

Heading back to the Ustiur Camp, Grandice tells me about "Ferruccio's Legacy." According from the info I got, this Ferruccio's Legacy is an artifact left by Ferruccio Espada himself somewhere in the New World. Some say it has powers that anyone else can't possess but with all that stuff here and there, it's hard for me to elaborate what the "Ferruccio's Legacy" really is... However, two other characters did tell me that they were also looking "Ferruccio's Legacy." Only time will tell when the secrets are revealed to us (that includes me and other players, okay?).

Thursday, 13 March 2008

My experience at the i-Hooked Internet Cafe Buendia Branch

Looks like they opened up and it totally lured a lot of curious gamers. From what I can recall, i-Hooked is reputable for having lightning Internet speeds and Intel Duo Core PCs. Since I got the news that the Buenida Branch is opening and it's (kinda) near my workplace, why don't I give it try? Plus, it would do great during Colony Wars because of the setups here!

First day:
Saw some booths at the entrance and the e-Games booth is what caught my eye. Went inside and the place is great. Comes in favorite color, Orange! :D However, I was a tad disappointed that none of their PCs had their GE clients fully patched and ready to play. Some where patching and when other players saw it, they would just shut it off and play their game of choice. I went irate and blew all my disappointment to an attendant. After the attendant cooled me off a bit, another attendant decided to give me the excuse that they just opened up and since many people are taking advantage of the promos, it (somewhat) slowed down Net speed. Alright, I'll accept this excuse but it would be better if you updated all your games before you opened up to the public.

This day was not wasted since I met Device from the Outcasts Faction and he wanted to give this place a shot. We ended just having an impromptu film showing since I discussed with them the Reclusion Brothers' greatest triumph. He enjoyed "Not Another Love Story: The Musical" and "Le Blanc" to the max. To end the day, I showed this to him for an encore:

I just like it for it's campy value...

Second day:
I came in to this place like real late. Real late that I missed Veya but only met up with Device again. The place is packed with RAN Online, O2Jam and Audition players. I decided to do my blogging here on a workstation where GE is being patched right now. I just orded a couple of Taco Burgers and a C2 Lemon drink. Maybe I'll get another C2 or a Tropicana Twister instead. I'm right beside an ip-venture employee right now and an O2Jam Tourney is underway. Oh yeah! The GE client is ready! Let's see if I will die and go to heaven!

And the FFA goes to...

Wow?!?!?!?!? Really?!?!?!?!?!? Looks like all the stress was well worth it! The Reclusion Family made it to the number one spot with Not Another Love Story: The Musical! It was so great to find out that all my friends' hard work and determination finally paid off! Not only that, Le Blanc snagged second place! Yay! All of my contributions were really well appreciated!

First and foremost, I would like to thank IAH Games for this fantazzztic event. It really goes to show that Machinima is now beginning to be known in Asia. I'd like to thank the ircle of GE Bloggers and GE players for making this event a lively yet challenging one! Last but not least, my biggest thanks goes to the Reclusion Brothers for recognizing my talent and putting it to good use! I wanna cry when I see you guys. Never had I've been greatly involved in a project winning a major award!

I wanna make this post to show my appreciation to all the hard work we have all went through. Looks like I can't wait to spread the good word to many people and show them the flicks! :D Well, I wanna go to i-Hooked again and see if I can play GE, even for just an hour. Let's see if I can also do an impromptu film showing at i-Hooked Buendia and at work! :P

Toodles! I'll try to make an in-depth report on this event when I get the chance! I was in a state of uber happiness! I'd rather be naked right now but now I'm forced to wear garments!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Mixing work with GE!

This is a little presentation of my team's performance during the course of February 2008. I'll make sure they get to see this. Right now, here are the portraits of my team:

Team Parthenos as of 02/2008

Since there will be new members to this team in the coming days, I'll make sure to make an updated version of this portrait set.

Have you tried mixing work with GE or the other way around? :) Not only am I living GE, I'm also "working GE!"

Monday, 3 March 2008

Been tagged! Here's my Desktop Screen!

Unleash the monsters!

Okay, the reason why this ain't GE related it's because I saw this wallpaper on the website of Sprint. Sprint you say? It's the best wireless broadband service America has to offer! When the NASCAR season for this year started, I checked out Sprint's NASCAR promo site. Saw the wallpapers and this enamored me the most.

If you ask me, it's seems that the Sprint Cup (formerly Nextel Cup) Series is the cup series of NASCAR races I'm very familiar with. Anyhoo, I only did this because I was tagged by DeSanggria!

Now, for me to pay it forward...

Novastorm Crusade
tell-tales from Granado Espada
The Deniva Chronicles
galingsadodongcow's deviantart site
Familia de Eszposito

Before I go, experience life at SprintSpeed!

My family