Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Granado Espada Character Contest from Japan!

Well well, I came across this video in the forums and I was pretty much amazed at the content! I mean, this video contains pics full of fan made characters all for a contest.

It just so happens that the jGE exclusive character is the winning entry! So that's how she was conceptualized!

There were many Japanese and European based concepts in here that most of them just amaze me! If only I could get my hands on these entries and look for someone to me translate, I'd be more than happy to share!

It's also amazing to see a plethora of weapon ideas, to existing ones and even unique designs (not to mention nifty combinations too!).

Is all I got know! :D Maybe I should post about my progress as well...

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

GE V4.0 is of teh uber luvs!

Seeing this and this put my heart racing...


I'll just make a quick reaction post here for what I like!

Favorite teams is teh gudnes and hawtness!

Now, I can organize teams to play with! No more clicking here and there just to get started! :D

The Map is cleaner!

This way, I can easily pinpoint which NPC to go to without figuring out who's in the crowd!!!

Is all! This is teh yumyumz!

Monday, 6 July 2009

The Noble's Court: Introduction

As a way to reward players who have done so much to grind and level up, IAH Games has a unique reward program. It is in the form of the "Noble's Court." IAH Games came up with a history that during the war between Brestia and Vespanola, one of the reasons why Vespanola won was they had all of their military forces bear symbols of power (jn form of banners or flags). These symbols intimidated the Brestian forces but this was regarded as an insult to Vespanola itself. These symbols of power they happen to bear are the symbols of the noble classes of Vespanola. Whether or not a soldier or an officer is of noble blood, they took these symbols of power for them to display during the battlefield. This was known as "Operation N."

The main reason why this "operation" was reinstated by Sir Lyndon is to unite the continent of the ongoing threat of Montoro's forces. Political struggles between the Royalists and the Republicans only made the situation complicated. It is up to the pioneering families to make a stand and a name for themselves to one day fight as a unified force against Montoro's ever-growing threats.

This appealed to me since I was a long time player of the game itself and maybe I'd deserve a reward or two. Now this is how it works:
  • Achieve a certain family level (depending on nobility rank's goal)
  • Report to the Noble's Court Officer located at Auch, Reboldoeux or Coimbra
  • Receive your flags (along with other goodies, not applicable to Righteous flags)
These back items are mainly for decoration purposes but they do flaunt an image of power, showing your prestige of reaching such rank. It isn't easy getting your family level to at least 20 because it will involve a big number of characters with high levels. Aside from the flags, you will also recieve the following items:
  • 1x Hrin's Liquor
  • 10x Triumph Fillers
  • 10x Mystic Ampules
  • 10x Soul Crystals
  • 50x Progressive Health-fillers
  • 50x Progressive Soul-fillers
  • 1x Ancient Shelter Pass (1 Day)
  • 1x Field Survival Manual - Expert (1 Day)
  • 1x Combat Manual - Expert (1 Day)
  • 1x Tactics Manual - Expert (1 Day)
Also, they also give out special versions of such flags. These flags are labeled as "Righteous" because of the special buffs you will receive while wearing them. The main difference is that these "Righteous" flags only last for 30 days from the day you equip them for the first time and they don't come with the other items that come bundled with the regular flags (mentioned earlier). So far, all Righteous flags grant +1 Defense Rating and +10% Attack Speed.

Which role will you play?

I'll make sure to cover up the different ranks as I progress. I'm slow but no way to go but up!

If I had 84,000 G-Points... (shopping guide of sorts)


Seeing this "Back to School" Promo from IAH Games really has me going on. The deal? 20% increase in all G Point loading. That's right. From the humongous 70,000 points to the measly 230 points get 20% more.

I am really tempted with grabbing myself with spending PHP 2,000 straight out of my recent payday and I thought to myself on how or what am I going to spend for 84,000 G Points? I'm no financial advisor/consultant but here's my take if I ever get my hands on it...

First option: Splurge on the costumes and Preimum Items I really want and need. Costumes for RNPCs cost 7,700 G Points apiece. For stock characters, it's 9,900. Consumable stuff you'll need are Promotion Scrolls, Crack of the New World *ehem* Mystery Powders, Enhancement Boosters, Enchantment Traquilizers, EXP Manuals and I could just go on and on! Maybe a little table will help us summarize things...

Item 70,000 84,000
Costume (RNPC) 9 10
Costume (Stock) 7 8
Mystery Powder 318 381
Promotion Scroll - Veteran 15 19
Promotion Scroll - Veteran (bundle) 15 21
Promotion Scoll - Expert 12 15
Promotion Scoll - Expert (bundle) 15 18
Promotion Scoll - Master 10 12
Promotion Scroll - Master (bundle) 12 15
Barrack Slot Expand 63 76
Warp Slot Expand 31 38
Enchancment Booster 127 153
Enchantment Tranquilizer 318 382
Socket Processing Tranquilizer 32 38
+5 Impervium (Normal) 7 8
+6 Impervium (Normal) 6 8
+5 Impervium (Veteran) 5 6
+6 Impervium (Veteran) 4 5
+5 Impervium (Expert) 5 6
+6 Impervium (Expert) 4 5
Combat Manual - Beginner (1 Day) 1,000 1,200
Combat Manual - Average (1 Day) 500 600
Combat Manual - Expert (1 Day) 318 382
Tactics Manual - Beginner (1 Day) 1,000 1,200
Tactics Manual - Average (1 Day) 500 600
Tactics Manual - Expert (1 Day) 318 382
Ancient Territory Pass (1 Day) 32 38
Ancient Shelter Pass (1 Day) 21 25

This little table shows you items I would purchase if I got my hands on the G Points. This ain't a complete list because my needs can change from time to time, whenever the need arises. The numbers are self-explanatory so I leave it to you how to figure this out. With what we have here, I could...

  • Get (almost) every character that I have dressed up
  • Make lots and lots of Vis
  • Make a good number of +(5-7) equipments
  • Make a good number of other items that need premium stuff to come true
  • Fill open all my barracks in no time
  • Get a good number of characters promoted to the next rank
  • Lots and lots EXP Manuals to go by
If I focus on making money, I want to post at the forums on what will be the consensus' needs. Of course, I want to make sure I have "something for everyone." The last time I sold Premium Items for Vis was kind of catastrophic. Anyhoo, this is something I'd like to get off my chest and mind as well. Let me hope for better things and save up on my cash. Unless, of course, my sister bugs me to stop buying WiiWare games and go for the bigger titles (damn, she wants Trauma Center!).

Until then, hope to expect more from me! :D

The Helena Tarot Card Event


As a teaser for version 3.4 to be released in sGE, IAH Games had a promo that if you send an SMS (a.k.a. texting) with the correct response, you get a piar of Rojo Puesto del Sol wings. You can uncover the answer within four days by looking at the Tarot Cards daily. Let's start of by showing these cards that appeared during the four days:

The answer lies within the cards

Now the mechanics of the promo was to send an SMS containing a secret word/answer hidden in these cards and if you got it correct, you'll get a pair of Rojo Puesto de Sol wings for every correct answer you send. As you can see, there are "hidden letters" in the imagines of these cards. These happens to be the bosses you will be fighting in the Chateau de Borgogne, a special dungeon in v3.4.

I never gotten far in the game as my leveling progress is slow but I'll see what I can make of with these characters. The character taking up the title of "Magician" happens to be Louis Arsene III, leader of the Arsene Circus Troupe. The lady in Card No. 2 with the title of "Two of Swords" is Celine, who wields claws as her weapon. Frost is the name of the jester-like character from Card No. 3, which fits his represnetation of "death" because of the scythe he wields. Finally, that big brute at Card No. 4 is Mario.

Pretty much, a lot of people got their wings but I was one of the few who sent in the correct SMS format (in their repsective countries) with no prize. Sure, it was treated as an invalid entry as I was reducted PHP 2.50 every "correct message" I sent. I sent numerous messages with the correct format in different ways but it's either my cellphone provider or IAH's system screwed me up. With this unsolved, I didn't bother to pursue for the wings. Ain't my style, anyways.

Speaking of which, this brings up a subject why I have been very slow with GE lately. That I'll cover up on another post as well. Until then, happy grinding to Master you fortunate players.

Oh dear... Looks I did get the wings! It's a miracle!

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