Thursday, 19 November 2009

Beating Ravyn's Heart is... very frustrating!

I never expected how weak I was many aspects. Why the negative tone? Ran out of time when trying to destroy Ravyn's Heart.

After being able to craft Refined Keys for the Skullic Dungeon, I warped right in front of the floating crystal skull that gives me access to the map. Unlike the original key, this one gives me my very own instance of fighting Ravyn's Heart.

It may be simple as bashing the giant red skull but progress gets delayed when skullic mobs spawn within the area, not to mention a Montoro you cannot target. I hate his attack when it knocks you down. Worse, it's a big AOE that interferes anyone trying to break Ravyn's Heart.

The worst is about to come as you progress in cracking the giant red skull, one of four giant skeletons comes to life and beats the hell out of you! There was a strategy of luring them out of Ravyn's Heart which worked but escaping was already hard with invincible Montoro trying to get a piece of you. These giant skeletons are not knock-able, making skill interference impossible to achieve.

With only 15 minutes in total, it wasn't enough for me to finish the whole ordeal. I have planned to get more keys as soon as I work up the Vis for the keys. I got another batch of Moon Stones and I do hope Marcelino makes more than he breaks!

Help me in this one, guys! Discuss about it here at the IAH Games forums:

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Soul Calibur Broken Destiny: Ramiro

Even for a kid, this is what he would be if he were to ever grow up! The fighting style suits him great!

Name Ramiro

Gender Male

Part Name Color 1 Color 2
Undergarments Not equipped

Head Officer's Hat 07, 29; 4/9
Upper Body Frilled Shirt 06, 27; 9/9


Lower body Formal Pants 12, 27; 6/9
Leg Leather Loafers 07, 29; 4/9
Special 1

Special 2

Hair Corporate Cut 09, 27; 4/9
Face 1

I made this out pure boredom and when I had my nephew's PSP to try out Soul Calibur Broken Destiny. Seeing how the new character was a con artist (involving sly negotiations) and seeing the Officer's Hat item, I did what I can to reconstruct one half of Granado Espada's young tricksters. He is also not featured at my good friend Reimaru's blog, so let me give the featured some exposure.


Can this work for Soul Calibur 4?
No. Since there are parts not available in Soul Calibur 4 (some require purchased DLCs), I cannot guarantee that Broken Destiny characters can be reproduced in Soul Calibur 4. Not to mention Dampierre's parts for custom characters don't exist in SC4 in the first place...

I tried making this character but I don't have the parts I need!
You haven't unlocked it yet. Keep playing to get the parts you'll need to make the characters I make!

Why didn't you provide other information for other parts?
Maybe I'm lazy to provide the other stuff. Although I provided the fighting style and the other stuff, feel free to experiment and mix these characters up with your preferred styles and tastes.

Will you make more?
When the creative juices flow...

Wait out for more! that's 14 to go...

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Hrin's Buff: Reaping the benefits

I suddenly feel like writing after a long hiatus here in my blog. It's the only blog that I have had the most activity through the posts I have here. I have many reasons for the decline but there will be times when I really want to write stuff up just to share insights.

I decided to go on another 24 hour grinding session with boosters and passes activated. Checking out my inventory, I noticed I have some Hrin's Liquors in my inventory. I decided to give things a go and use it for this grinding session.

Normally, I would notice my characters dead when I fall asleep or go on AFK for extended periods of time. Of course, the highest AR possible would be 57. 26 from a veteran character, 30 from the weapons I currently have and 1 from the level 11 Intensify buff. My DR is at 53 highest. Never bothered to upgrade those armors. So costly! Even had to choose Broomy for the buffs and the extra healing power but I still get my butt kicked. But...

For 6 hours (and counting), I have noticed that I have never been wiped out. I have to say that Hrin's Buff is making a major difference in my progress in gaining the EXP.

What's Hrin's Buff? It's a special buff that gives "most attributes" a 15% increase. Getting the buff is a huge difference in getting stronger than not having the buff at all. This buff can last depending which variant you use. Hrin's Ampule grants a 10 minute duration, Hrin's Potion grants 1 hour and Hrin's Liquor has the longest effect: 10 hours. A buff would be gone if you logged off or died but Hrin's Buff will never be lost if this were to happen. Of course, it'll only be gone after its timed duration is up, whether you're online or not (like the Premium Dungeon Passes).

This is not the original name for this buff because Hrin happened to be the (former) Regional Community Manager for sGE. Lorenza has taken over her spot because she had to pursue her studies outside of her home country. Yes, Hrin is a real person! If I can recall, the GM character (a lady with angel wings wearing a night-time garment) can grant this buff upon their discretion. Also, the item's name was originally "Steroid Ampule/Potion/Liquor."

Steroids is known to many people as stuff that bodybuilders (or athletes) take to increase their muscle mass in a short periods of time. This can cause health risks if taken excessively or in long-term use. I can say kGE's choice of using this term is "appropriate" because real-life steroids and its GE counterpart are both performance enhancers. For English-speaking communities, steroids are perceived as bad stuff because its considered cheating using performance enhancing drugs in sporting events. Good idea with the name change, sGE. Totally appreciate it (Hrin really deserves credit. She really did a lot for sGE).

Also, the original item image in-game was a syringe. For reasons unknown, kGE eventually changed it with a round bottle that we now know of. I bet that syringes wasn't a good image to use because of its association with (if not, harmful) drugs in real life.

Being a consumable, this item is only available through the premium shop. Judging the cost of this item, it's (somewhat) reasonable because of the huge difference. Though, this is not going to part of my "grinding expenses." Its because for the Ampule, it'll cost me 110 per piece. 1 day EXP manuals are already affordable for people like me, 1 day wings are just an optional investment but even a 10 hour Hrin's Buff would be too expensive for me to keep up!

It's up to you if you want to get the benefits of Hrin's Buff. If you've got a lot of money to invest, this will help you sleep like a baby while leaving the PC on overnight for your party to grind until they're expelled from the Premium Dungeons. Can't afford it? Squad with some friends!

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