Thursday, 12 November 2009

Soul Calibur Broken Destiny: Ramiro

Even for a kid, this is what he would be if he were to ever grow up! The fighting style suits him great!

Name Ramiro

Gender Male

Part Name Color 1 Color 2
Undergarments Not equipped

Head Officer's Hat 07, 29; 4/9
Upper Body Frilled Shirt 06, 27; 9/9


Lower body Formal Pants 12, 27; 6/9
Leg Leather Loafers 07, 29; 4/9
Special 1

Special 2

Hair Corporate Cut 09, 27; 4/9
Face 1

I made this out pure boredom and when I had my nephew's PSP to try out Soul Calibur Broken Destiny. Seeing how the new character was a con artist (involving sly negotiations) and seeing the Officer's Hat item, I did what I can to reconstruct one half of Granado Espada's young tricksters. He is also not featured at my good friend Reimaru's blog, so let me give the featured some exposure.


Can this work for Soul Calibur 4?
No. Since there are parts not available in Soul Calibur 4 (some require purchased DLCs), I cannot guarantee that Broken Destiny characters can be reproduced in Soul Calibur 4. Not to mention Dampierre's parts for custom characters don't exist in SC4 in the first place...

I tried making this character but I don't have the parts I need!
You haven't unlocked it yet. Keep playing to get the parts you'll need to make the characters I make!

Why didn't you provide other information for other parts?
Maybe I'm lazy to provide the other stuff. Although I provided the fighting style and the other stuff, feel free to experiment and mix these characters up with your preferred styles and tastes.

Will you make more?
When the creative juices flow...

Wait out for more! that's 14 to go...

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