Thursday, 19 November 2009

Beating Ravyn's Heart is... very frustrating!

I never expected how weak I was many aspects. Why the negative tone? Ran out of time when trying to destroy Ravyn's Heart.

After being able to craft Refined Keys for the Skullic Dungeon, I warped right in front of the floating crystal skull that gives me access to the map. Unlike the original key, this one gives me my very own instance of fighting Ravyn's Heart.

It may be simple as bashing the giant red skull but progress gets delayed when skullic mobs spawn within the area, not to mention a Montoro you cannot target. I hate his attack when it knocks you down. Worse, it's a big AOE that interferes anyone trying to break Ravyn's Heart.

The worst is about to come as you progress in cracking the giant red skull, one of four giant skeletons comes to life and beats the hell out of you! There was a strategy of luring them out of Ravyn's Heart which worked but escaping was already hard with invincible Montoro trying to get a piece of you. These giant skeletons are not knock-able, making skill interference impossible to achieve.

With only 15 minutes in total, it wasn't enough for me to finish the whole ordeal. I have planned to get more keys as soon as I work up the Vis for the keys. I got another batch of Moon Stones and I do hope Marcelino makes more than he breaks!

Help me in this one, guys! Discuss about it here at the IAH Games forums:

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