Saturday, 1 December 2007

Hataw Hanep Hero 3 and GE goes F2P

Attending Hataw Hanep Hero was really great! Of course, there was a really long line of people when I got there approximately before 11AM. After a span of two hours, I was able to get inside and the SMX Convention Center is WAAAAAY huge! Fortunately, I was able to spot the Granado Espada booth and met up with DeSanggria! She was in her Idge Imbrulia costume once again with her Castor Sword. It was my very first time to meet Philippines Community Manager Veya! When we introduced each other, it was kind of "bland" at first but when I stated who I was, we were like esctastic on meeting each other in real life! :D

After writing things here and there, I decided to take a trip around the whole convention. I was was able to to see Japanese objects, powerful PCs, the food stall and a lot of exhibitors selling anime stuff. NineMoons was able to make it and she decided to go around the convention. That Stranglehold game was really beautiful for me to play and I tried playing some racing game as well. Since most of the visitors had goodie bags, I wanted to claim one as well. I was able to find the redemption booth and I finally got a goodie bag! I decided to hang around the GE booth and wait for the film making seminar. Looks like the Fiksdotter and Reclusion families also made an appearance. It was kind of awkward because of the noise but we enjoyed in attempting to make movies with GE. We were awarded certificates for our attendance as well. Looking for something to eat, I ended buying Fettuccine Carbonara and it sparked a little idea to entertain! I bought another Carbonara and brought it at the GE booth. I decided to reenact the part when Andre Janzur felt depressed when he went out of control in drinking the tainted holy water up to the part where Andre eats the Carbonara. It seems I have amused DeSanggria and Reclusion very well. Reclusion even said that I should cosplay as Andre Janzur! :P No way I'm gonna do that! Oh yeah, I was able to bump into Syeri as I exited the convention! :D

In other news, the Singaporean Granado Espada is now Free-to-play! I was really shocked when I read the announcement at the website before I left for Hataw Hanep Hero 3. Woah, looks like the game is easier on the pocket now! I can look forward to future expansions and play at my own pace now.

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Well, looks like my future in GE... is secured! :D Side note: The OutCasts Faction made an appearance as well!

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